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  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Love to Hate You
  • Jo Watson
  • English
  • 13 August 2018
  • 9781472257789

10 thoughts on “Love to Hate You

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    Loved thisloved the characters and the story honestly i want of them

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    LOVED it.even though, this story has the same pattern of a forbidden romance as these types of stories tend to have, BUT here the seriousness of the starter trope is vowen with such a liberating humor and comedy of situation where a heroine aka Sera De La Haye has a mind blowing hawt carnal sex, in a back seat of a car, a one night stand to remember, a one night stand she can afford cause her life is a mess and she s dealing with the aftermaths of an abusive family member, while she s working her ass off at two jobs to pay off her little sisters education, and at the same time, she s sharing a condo with two drag queens, who are also a gay couple JJ Bruce BUT then, she comes to work and voila, her new boss is nontheless, her hawt carnal sexcapade in flesh Ben White and if the things couldn t get worse, she soon finds out that he also lives next door to herand you d think things are awkward enough, but no, not the least.You see, this hawt dude with tattooed carved body is actually persistant in the most melting way, he s determined and a bit pushy, yes, but he s also gentle, considerate, tender and protective and he keeps saying Sera that he s in love LOL and asking her out, over and over and overagainAnd she keeps telling him NO, over and over and overagainAnd you d think this is some ludacris freak ish sitiaiton, but no, this guy he s so charming, almost sweet while being incredibly sexy, and I can t believe I m sayin this BUT I liked this guy approach, even though I thought he d give me the creeps after the first time he expressed his love affection, after this fabulous one night of sexBUT then I realized it s a part of his charm and tactic of wooing and he kinda grew on me wink Why me Why you Are you being serious It may have something to do with the fact that I met the funniest, craziest, sexiest, most beautiful girl at a club the other night We had such fun dancing together and then we had the best, the best, sex of my life and something about it just felt so different And then, when I was about to go looking for her, she landed up right in front of me, at work and then next door And now I can t help wondering if it s fate.I know what it feels like to be inside you I know what it feels like to hold you I know what it feels like to eat breakfast with you What it feels like to stare at you from my desk I know what it feels like knowing that you re sleeping so close to me swoon Right BUT of course, just about the moment Sera caves in, against her better judgement, and gives herself again to him, all things just roll down hill, the affair taints her reputation at work, and then Ben s secret comes to surfice and Sera s past comes barging in once and all things considering, at that very instant, nothing looks RIGHT for them You and I together is a disaster Since we met, since that night, nothing good has come of us We are so destructive and wrong for each other and all this is the universe telling me loudly and clearly that you aer the last man on earth I should ever date, or even be near, for that matter right in that moment, even I thought WTF where is this story leading to BUT then once again, Ben comes through, groveling and really explaining his really delicate life situation and why he had to keep his secret, and the fact that he wouldn t give up on Sera, again, just melted my cold, cold heart LOL and yeahBen White is a dream man, imperfectly perfect, who s aware of his mistakes and who works on himself to be the best possible , and for Sera, he will go the distance, no matter how far, no matter how long There s something between us It was there from the first moment I saw you and it s pulling us together. I obviously liked the story, no matter the shabby pattern LOL, but most of all I loved the Sera Ben banter, the hilarious situations that made them look awkward and clumsy, when they are not, it s kinda like in real life, when you wanna turn out looking fantastic and then you step into a dog s shit or a bird shits on you kinda thing LOL and you can t help it, it is what it isand you just roll with itthen I absolutely loved the secondary characters, JJ Bruce, they were original and funny and goofy and genuine, even though they are in their 50s wink and don t be fooled with the funny light , there s angst too, and it s a bloody long ass book as well, so be prepared Snow out

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    2 5 starsI did not get the appeal of this book, there was nothing original about it, the main characters were rather annoying and the plot completely predictable What truly ruined the book for me was the epilogue it didn t have any flow with the book and was uncomfortable Nothing was explained or expanded on, and there were weird things that didn t match up like the main character talking about her new best friend , who also happened to be the old co workers who cornered her in the bathroom and attacked her for being the office slut Becks got the job at the agency and one day appeared at the coffee shop and from that day forward, we ve been inseparable But a few chapters before, Becks and Angie jealous b itch 1 2 basically ran her out of her place of work, humiliating and degrading her to the point she resigned and never went back Because I m working myself to the bone here and you re just boning our boss, no wonder he asked you to come on the shoot when you aren t even on the account And I could go on, there were pages of the confrontation between these girls and by confrontation I mean them bullying her in the office bathrooms while she stuttered and cried It s unfathomable that these characters then become BFF s without the author even explaining no, Becks just turns up to Sera s new job, boasting about getting the job that was rightfully Sera s, and then they re best friends for life The relationship between Ben and Sera was just weird, Ben s insta love, borderline sexual harassment and stalking made me so uncomfortable and Sera was just painful That typically strong stubborn female doesn t realise how beautiful she is, shoulders her family s burdens and won t accept any help, instead works herself to the bone Add in the stereotypical characters that were literally falling out of this book and you have this unoriginal love story A far cry from how advertises it, The hit romantic comedy of 2018 , lol okay hunni.

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    This book is exactly what I have always wanted It s my favourite kind of book with every single element I adore and thoroughly enjoy This is my go to genre, and typically the genre I can always rely on I was a little, tiny bit worried when I started reading this one because I adored the synopsis and I didn t want to be disappointed which is a common feeling when we read new books, right but I absolutely fell in love with it The characters, the plot, everything It was a brilliant read with a lot of heartfelt moments, a dose of heartbreak, steam, and adorable hilarity This book is the perfect mix of light and fluffy with dramatic and heart wrenching in just the right doses It does deal with some serious issues gambling addiction, mental illnesses, alcoholism but they re done so delicately and with thought they don t feel like they ve been added for no reason or to make the plot seem dramatic They were well entwined with the plot and the characters stories, and they really made me fall in love with the characters and the story even I nearly cried at a couple of points, and I definitely had tears welling up I also absolutely ADORED JJ and Bruce Who doesn t need gay dads in a story They were a fantastically fun addition to the story and showed the true power of love, acceptance, trust and honesty They made the story feel utterly real, powerful, gorgeous and a lot of fun Sassy characters are a must in stories like these I loved the family theme throughout and felt it massively important to the story Here are some small pointers of what I love the romance Slow burning, passionate, real, trusting, honest and so utterly sweet the writing The writing was brilliant Straight to the point, fast paced, interesting, inspiring, funny, moving I loved the way the author crafted this novel it didn t once feel heavy on filler content and the story kept itself moving at a really fantastic pace which I thoroughly loved plot Definitely, definitely a fantastic plot I just absolutely adored this Definitely one of my favourites of 2018 without a doubt It s such a fantastic rom com with characters that are brilliantly developed, excellently crafted, a romance that is out of this world, and a plot which keeps the reader on their toes Ahhhh It was wonderful.Though the premise can seem like something you ve read, I definitely found it unique, different and an endless bundle of fun I enjoyed every moment and every page, and I really want a physical copy of it Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    Thank you NetGalley for providing an arc in exchange for an honest review.4 Stars You know when you go into something not really knowing too much about it, and it completely blows you away by how much you enjoy it This is the book that did this for me, it has so much going on some parts were hilarious where I was laughing out loud and other moments were so touching it couldn t not break my heart I m a sucker for this kind of book, I couldn t tell you why but I just enjoy it so much We start of seeing Sera having a one night stand in the back of a car where it s all very hot and steamy and they are rudely interrupted by Drag Queens banging on the window She s mortified and runs off, the next day she s still not sure of her actions but goes into work thinking it will all be in the past Hold on a moment What s that Oh yes her new boss is the guy she hooked up with the night before And from there we get the story I adored the dynamics in the book, Sera has two adoptive gay dads who are incredible and so understanding and supported her through thick and thin I loved the back story on how the two met and I mean one of them is a Drag Queen, I couldn t be any happier Sera s family life is not the easiest ride, and how she is reflects on how she was brought up Then we have Ben who also has other things happening in his life, which I can t really explain but I guessed the moment something happened and that was so interesting to see I loved seeing him in other roles and not just cocky and arrogant And the whole double package statement My god My heart Then we have Sera who works SO hard to help provide for her sister It was just SO much What did I like All of Ben s innuendos when he first joined the team, I was HOWLING with laughter Choking on a blue MM and how he always bought them for her after but took out the blue ones, I m a sucker I know Bruce and JJ, plus the Rocky Horror incident I love them The whole jogging fiasco, I was CRYING with laughter, it was just so funny and his outfit When the apartments had a meeting and they wanted drama, so he spilled the tea on the laundry incident and vice versa with the decorating at early hours THE VIDEO OVULATING Ahahahahahaha Package Deal Sign me up for my own Ben I just loved how he handled things, from then on I was so sold Be the stick What I didn t like I found it off putting how Sera treated Cindy, and would make comments about her eating habits when she knew nothing about her At times Ben was a bit creepy and at times it did put me offOverall I really did enjoy this, I d honestly recommend it to my friends who enjoy a good Chick Lit However I need I NEED to know what happens, the epilogue has me needing

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    In the beginning of the book Sera s rambling was a bit over the top, causing me to roll my eyes multiple times Luckily Ben s personality made it worth continuing.This was an easy, amusing and quick read, but nothing special I probably won t remember what s it about in less than a week.

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    Actual rating 1.5 Me reading this book Arghhh I really thought that I would love this book, the synopsis sounded great I so wanted to love it, as have read some real duds recently Let me start this rant by saying that The hating game and Anything you can do were so much better than this Also that I was so cross right at the start of this when the MC drove home drunk I hate drunk driving and there was no need for it Things that I liked 1 This book talked about alcohol and gambling addiction, codependency and anxiety, and the effect of these on famiy.2 The MC s support of her sister.3 Honest talk about marrying too young and for the wrong reasons Things that I did not like 1 This was written in first person pov and the main character came across as childish and immature she sounded about 12 She was also quite annoying I mean she had this great sex with this stranger in his car but then got out and ran away, then drunk drove home She was supposed to be this strong independent woman, but was she really She was saved by two gay men and then by this guy.2 The love interest.he sounded so sexy in the synopsis and at the start of the book he was, with a muscly tattooed body, and having all the hot car sex with the MC BUT then for the rest of the book he came across as creepy and pretty much stalked the MC Wherever she went he was, and dont get me started on all the stupid coincidences He wouldnt take no for an answer, was pushy and arrogant, he gave her no space or time to decide if she wanted to go out with him, he just kept asking her out all the time That is not sexy or respectful for me He was also really posessive on the photo shoot and after that in the office Yeah he had a back story, but it was too little, too late for me really Also he was supposed to have been in his early 20s, but was then really successful and rich, and seemed to have loads of experiece, which was a conflict for me I think maybe this book would have benifitted from having a dual Pov where we could have seen his motivatons and back story earlier I dunno.3 The setting So this story was meant to be set in South Africa but it felt like it could have been set anywhere It was like the story had been written , but then the author decided to last minute change the setting to SA The MC s name was SA sounding, they said ya a couple of times instead of yeah, and went on location to the desert Apart from that there was no world building, if I can put it like that 4 Plot it was predictable as hell, as soon as we met Li I knew she was Ben s daughter 5 Friends she had none I know that was related to her family and trust issues, but I felt that the potential was there for her and Becks to have a friendship, but instead they were pitted against each other When Becks tried to engage the MC in conversation, Sera was uninterested They did eventually make friends in the Epilogue, but that was after that nasty bathroom scene, and just felt tagged on again She had her gay dads which was sweet, but even they felt a bit stereotypical.The characters felt flat, the setting undeveloped, the story cliche and slow the first half dragged so much that i almost DNF it I mean they didnt even hate each otherat all This wasnt funny as I was led to believe, in fact it was really cringey There was no spark or good banter between the main characters, some of the so called flirting was just eye rollingly bad AnywayI probably wouldnt read anything by this author again, and am just glad i got this for 99p on Kindle I feel kind of harsh writing this, but i just did not enjoy this at all, sorry

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    I forgot how much I rate it last time But, for now, I rate this 5 stars Definitely a 5 stats rating, babe

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    Oh, the story is so so good When was the last time I actually enjoy my reading Can t wait for my one week school holiday.

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About the Author: Jo Watson

Award winning writer of romantic comedies Collector of colorful, kitsch things that usually sparkle Adidas addict, Depeche Mode devotee and proud Wattpad writer Jo loves telling stories and above everything, considers herself a storyteller no matter what the medium After graduating with an honors degree in theater, she has worked in numerous creative fields She s mainly worked as a TV script