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What He Craves (Desires #2) summary What He Craves (Desires #2) , series What He Craves (Desires #2) , book What He Craves (Desires #2) , pdf What He Craves (Desires #2) , What He Craves (Desires #2) 3c78fccef0 Matt Simpson Is Notorious For His Bad Decisions From His Rocky Teenage Years To His Tumultuous Early Twenties, He S Made A Lot Of Mistakes His Latest, Greatest, And Perhaps Stupidest Of Them All Was His Recent Pursuit Of His Boss, The Unattainable Steve Paulson Desperate To Make The Man Notice Him, And Knowing Steve Would Never Get Involved With An Employee, Matt Quits His JobUnfortunately, Steve Still Won T Touch Him To Make Matters Worse, His New Job Falls Through And His Older Brother Won T Hire Him Matt Can T Bear To Ask Steve For Help, And Soon He Finds Himself Out Of Money And Out Of Options When Steve Finds Him Living In His Car And Demands That He Go Home With Him, Matt Obeys, But Living With The Man He S Wanted For Two Years Proves To Be Frustrating As Well As Explosively Hot As Matt Begins To Explore His Submissive Side Under Steve S Firm Guidance, His Insecurities Haunt Him What Does A Homeless, Jobless Kid With A String Of Failures Behind Him Have To Offer, Even If Steve Did Want Him For Than A Brief Fling

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    So this was better than book 1 I overlooked some bad typos that should have been edited but other than that it was a fairly typical formula that was followed Just lacked the depth needed to really feel the characters

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    Hmmm This book was hot and the I liked both of the characters but I struggled really hard with the pace of the relationship Just because you ve known each other for two years by being in each other s orbit does not mean you actually know each other or that the pace of your BDSM relationship should skip from 0 60 in 0.2 seconds My biggest concern while reading this was that I felt like Matt used the dom sub relationship as a total way to get out of being a responsible adult His thought process was about avoidance of his situation and it made me uncomfortable He is pretty willing to do anything to be rescued and relieved of his duties to himself to take care of the details of life At least Steve was a good dom but he rushed it all too.

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    3.5 Stars EM Denning is a newer author for me, only having read book one of this series, and I did enjoy this book The story trope includes an age gap and a hurt comfort theme Steve and Matt enter into a D s contract quite soon after Matt goes home with Steve, since they d known each other for so long Matt s history is rather sad and has left him very insecure, with a poor self image He s still quite young, so that mostly supported his voice in the story, that often seemed too child like Steve is quite happy to take over Matt s life decisions, for the most part, although Matt does eventually take some decisions about his future into his own hands It didn t quite veer into Master slave, but it felt pretty close to it Their relationship falls together very quickly and easily, Matt than happy to accept everything Steve suggests or offers Steve isn t the formal, arrogant Dom clich that often appears in BDSM either.My lack of much enthusiasm is partly due to over simplification, since I prefer a higher level of realism and a relationship that shows particular efforts from a couple I was entertained well enough by the book, I just couldn t deeply engage with the couple Perhaps it s because there s only brief exposition for the two years they worked together, so the buildup and sexual tension was missing They had sex almost right away and the frequency was what I expected The scenes are mild, mostly rough, possessive sex and some paddling, but follows SSC conventions and sticks to safe sex Matt s brother Cam played a rather villainous role and that added some extra interest As BDSM tropes go, this was a decent story, suitable for readers who prefer BDSM lite An ARC was provided by the author, publisher or promotional service and I have chosen to publish a fair and honest review for Hearts On Fire Reviews blog

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    Matt has always been a screwup, in and out of rehab He fell in love with his boss Steve but because Steve had a strict no dating the help policy, he rebuffed Matt at every turn Matt thought if he quit he would have a chance with Steve He was devastated when Steve still told him no.Unable to find work, buried under a mountain of debt, and evicted, Matt is living in his car when Steve finally tracks him down.What follows is both men learning they each have something the other wants and needs Steve needs someone to take care of and Matt needs someone to make him important.A hot story of submission and love.

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    When an author has me feeling what their characters are feeling, I m laughing and crying and in the same chapter I think they are on the right track I was sucked in from the start and I was gutted for Matty at times and then giggling at him in others, But through this book I could feel his emotions and feel his ups and down and that makes a great book for me When I am shy for them or excited for them I want to feel those things and EM did an amazing job making me feel these charters Steve really stepped up and I couldn t have been happier even if I wanted to kick him a few times even if that was just my inner brat In all Steve wants to take care of Matty but in his own unique way and that is exactly what Matty craves So this addition to the series was just as amazing as book one but it built on it even You are even further into these men s lives and you want so many things for them and the others they surround themselves with How can you pass up so many sexy men and their boys This is a hot and sexy book with some emotion wove in that you just can t help love it.

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    Wow Fantastic book I loved Matt and Steve in this book Smokin hot scenes are flamin sizzling Matt s gorgeous but with what his brother Cam did to him was despicable and down right wrong Well its was about time Steve got his finger out sheesh after 2 years it took him long enough I loved this book and cant wait for the next story Yah I d probably advise to read the first book to follow the characters before hand Congrats Ms Denning.Matt 22 worked at a restaurant and tried to get Steve s attention for 2 years with a fail Quitting in a big huff Steve didnt date fellow employees. with no job no money no room he sleeps in his car.Steve just opened his kink club and was great Steve wasn t exactly enune to Matt but by putting up a good wall between them.

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    I absolutely LOVED this book I waited for the second book in this series because I feel in love the characters in the first book I was hoping I would feel the same about the characters in the second E.M Denning didn t disappoint I loved every minute of it EM Denning is quickly on my way to being a one click author I can t wait to see what she comes out with next I loved the way Steve took care of Matt It made my heart happy I love a book where no matter the characters preferences love is the main thing and for these characters, it was all about love

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    Heavenly Kinky A 2 year craving, bad choices and some kink with love on top describes the Matty Steve romantic story I must say, I enjoyed the second half than the beginning The Beginning of the story I think the terrible parents ploy is done to death I also had problems with how quickly Steve dominated and had rough sex with the vulnerable Matty.However, the rest of the story was okay enough for me to continue with this series.

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    1.75 starsFound this to be very boring didn t really connect with any of the characters.

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    WowI loved the first in the series and this is just as good.I absolutely loved Steve and MattThey were perfect together.Steve I could have slapped just once but he got his head together and finally admitted he wanted Matt.I m loving this author and can t wait for the next one in the series x

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