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    Oh My Hank and Edwina are so hot and Steamy Worth the Fight was Worth the Wait Hank gets a call telling him that his brother has been taken so he asks Edwina to go to NOLA with him since that is her old stomping grounds We find out surprising facts about the abduction and why it happened in the first place We also find out Edwina s background and how she became a Vampire Such a sad story but she got such great revenge S.F introduced me to these characters in Blessed Hearts and I was intrigued by them Now that I got to read their story I am content Shantella is such a fantastic writer and I know that I will keep bugging her for and books to these fantastic characters that she keeps introducing me to.

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    This story was entertaining and enjoyable It had in depth characters and a great story Edwina is a hybrid vampire who has been shunned by her community Hank is not only a police detective, but a were panther They are different, but it works They have a chemistry that makes it hard to resist each other I was very surprised and happy about the ending I look forward to reading from S.F Benson.

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    Worth the Fight is worth the read I loved this book and it s my favorite by this author so far I feel like her writing was on another level and Edwina and Hank s story really stuck with me It is a bit steamier than the previous books in this series but the messages of respect, self worth, and love stood out to me most I loved getting an in depth look into Edwina s past and it s a tough one but she is so incredibly resilient The beauty of this series is that the stories and characters often cross over so you feel like your catching up with old friends too I highly recommend this story and think it s message will resonate with most readers

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    4 Cranky StarsEdwina is a hybrid vampire She possesses amazing skills yet is so down on herself She hides in seclusion since someone she thought she loved walked out without a backwards glance She s been shunned from her community She thinks that her and Hank are just filling a gap with each other and it will be nothing Then one day the tides change and Hank asks for her help and this is where it all begins.Hank thought his life was good He had a beautiful wife and a solid job until one day that wife left him for his brother He is now just going through the motions of life He receives word that his brother is in trouble and needs his help and even worse a child is involved Hank is a were panther and has been filling his nights with Edwina even though such unions are frowned upon Now with a mystery on his hands and Edwina at his side he is ready to tackle the problem down in New Orleans.First I want to say I m a New Orleans native and the use of N awlins constantly kind of took me out the story It s not something we say at least I ve never heard it pronounced that way often I was also distracted by Edwinas word usage but learned that maybe this was the authors way of spelling it how some phonetically would say it The plot of the story was good with plenty of action and love The connection between two unlikely souls was done well I would continue this series if given the chance.

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