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    3.5 starsNice book Troy had to face his demons to get his happily ever after.Eliza s children were really sweet.My only minor issue was that Eliza switched gears pretty fast and already started seeing Troy as her going to be husband and her kids father I thought she would be apprehensive since it affected her kids life also But I think the author wanted Troy to face his demons and make peace with his past so that s why he was the one who was in denial This book continues the vigilante killer plot from book 1, Desperate Strangers but it can be read as a standalone.

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    I m sorry but I was not a huge fan of this book Personally I thought that Eliza moved way to fast with Troy She has kids and is doing great on her own, but within 2 weeks she s ready to start a family with him I ve seen too many people go down that path With that said I did find the house noises and the little hidden holes pretty neat I dunno the book wasnt for me but it could be enjoyable to others Sorry

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    I normally love all of Carla Cassidy s books, but not this one I could not connect with Troy I understand why he did what he did, but I was turned off from the beginning and never changed my mind Yes, in the end, he stepped up and was awesome with the kids but it wasn t enough to overcome my distrust dislike of him Give it a chance, though You might like it than I did.

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    It was an ok book, I didn t like how quickly things were moving on the romance side of things The mystery is what kept me going I had to know who was sneaking into the house, I was surprised.

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