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Dottoressa chapter 1 Dottoressa , meaning Dottoressa , genre Dottoressa , book cover Dottoressa , flies Dottoressa , Dottoressa b89f37f1b1a05 Wise And Witty Publishers Weekly A Charming Story Well Told Kirkus Reviews Smart, Funny, Charming Full Of Astute Insights Into The Way Italy Works Alexander Stille A Wonderfully Fun Read Dr Robert Sapolsky As Funny As It Is Poignant A Must Read For Anyone Who Thinks They Understand Medicine, Italy, Or Humanity Barbie Latza NadeauAfter Completing Her Medical Training In New York, Susan Levenstein Set Off For A One Year Adventure In Rome Forty Years Later, She Is Still Practicing Medicine In The Eternal City In Dottoressa An American Doctor In Rome Levenstein Writes, With Love And Exasperation, About Navigating Her Career Through The Renowned Italian Tangle Of Brilliance And Ineptitude, Sexism And Tolerance, Rigidity And ChaosPart Memoir Starting With Her Epic Quest For An Italian Medical License And Part Portrait Of Italy From A Unique Point Of View, Dottoressa Is Packed With Vignettes That Illuminate The National Differences In Character, Lifestyle, Health, And Health Care Between Her Two Countries Levenstein, Who Has Been Called The Wittiest Internist On Earth, Covers Everything From Hookup Culture To Neighborhood Madmen, Italian Hands Off Medical Training, Bidets, The Ironies Of Expatriation, And Why Italians Always Pay Their Doctor S Bills

10 thoughts on “Dottoressa

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    A lot of good stories crammed in here, but could use some organization.

  2. says:

    I enjoyed this tale of the expat emigrate experience in Rome through the lens of practicing medicine.

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    This was an interesting book that compares the healthcare systems in America and Italy I think both countries have their pros and cons, neither is better than the other.

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