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    This could have been much better book but many issues were left unsolved,Dan Bri both are still in love with each other but their relationship lacks trust and communication.The reason for Dan s cheating was not good enough for me.Dan s attitude angered me when Bri found difficult to deal with his groupies and when she tells him what if she is not able to deal with it he just say find a way to deal with it How can he be so insensitive and indifferent specially when he not once but repeatedly cheated on Bri,it was never cleared how many times just that it was than once he cheated multiple times.The only good thing in the story was Lexi,Dan was a good father but he was a lousy boyfriend.The bond between Lexi Bri was sweet.Overall a disappointing book for me cause many issues were left as it is.

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    This is one of the worst love stories I have read in a long time It started out with a young couple dating for two years in college they are suppose to be so in love and talking about marriage The h finds out that the hero is having sex with every slut on campus but won t have sex with her When h confronts H, he proudly tells her some girls you fuck and some you marry and that she should be grateful that she falls into the latter half She breaks up with him and then ten years down the road he arranges for her to come back into his life He wants to get a second chance He gives her the most ridiculous excuse I ve ever heard of why he treated her that way It was because his daddy taught him that OH PLEASE Like he never had any other male influences in his life to show him that was not the way relationships worked Stupid h falls for it and they plan to get married and live under rainbows for the rest of their lives But stupidity rears it s ugly head again in this pathetic ass story the h and her new soon to be stepdaughter go away for the weekend They come home early and catch the H having a huge party with his teammates and a bunch of half naked groupies hanging around the house What makes it worse is the hero s signature is all over these girls bodies on their breast, ass, and their legs Plus they are hanging all over him The h wants to know why he would invite groupies over to his house and he replies that he didn t one of his teammates did To the H that makes it perfectly ok that a bunch of half naked women are lounging around his home when he has an eight year old little girl living with him The h says that makes her uncomfortable and He tells her she needs to learn to deal with it WTF She leaves goes back to her apartment to sulk and cry and her brother tells her it s her fault that they are no longer together so she goes crawling back to him asking for forgiveness WHAT A WASTE OF MY TWO HOURS

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    Okay storyI have read this story a couple of times I still can t get over how weak the h is If she doesn t like the H signing women s bodies, she should say so Any man that is in love with a woman that he has already hurt wouldn t see this as part of his job He should have a little respect for that woman, I m sure he wouldn t like her doing that Plus, I have been to MLB signings and they don t do that, they have specific things they are allowed to sign and body parts are not on the list There are too many kids at signing to do that, it wouldn t look good for the franchise Also, the h said she was in a co ed softball league and all the women say the bench, this is completely false There is a true in co ed that each position has to be boy girl and must bat that way as well I have played on many co ed leagues Though the author writes well, she needs to do research to make the story believable.

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    Melodramatic and sappy.

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    I thought this would be a good read from the first few chapters but then it fell short The ending felt rushed and I can t help but dislike Dan s deal with it attitude not to mention adjusting Uncle Jack s habit of the type of women he invites to FAMILY gatherings Nor did they address the college buddies and the party she left I didn t get the feeling Dan had changed his waysthe author never addressed why he didn t answer his phone when Lexi called either YES Sabrina has some serious trust issues but since Dan is the cause it just seemed like he would have been attuned to what she needed him to do say to help her feel secure in their relationship Not one of the MARRIED men on the team gave me the impression they respected their wives because of the barbeque scene.The book left me disappointed in both Dan and Sabrina.

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    Soooooooo many times I heard my Momma say, now, baby, you don t wanna be the girl they f You wanna be the girl they marry That s pretty much the gist of this book Dan was in love with Sabrina and vice versa but he screwed up BIG time and things fell apart Years later, he needs help recuperating from a sports injury and she s a PT He moves her in to his big ole house, gives her the business, makes her fall in love with his little girl and sets about making her his wife Cute, nothing too deep.but he has a friend who I would like to castrate With a spoon.

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    First let me say that I did enjoy this book All the characters were pretty well developed, and I really did feel involved in all aspects of the story However, in my opinion, the ending was far too abrupt There were some characters that, initially, seemed to be important to the plot that were never heard from again I really was exspecting a reappearance of these characters, and as a matter of fact, I thought it would be kind of crucial to the story line I have to say that it really left me wondering if there was supposed to be another book coming Dissapointed

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    The writing is well done, so no complaints there, but I felt the reason for cheating was flimsy at best I like cheating, angsty second chance romance if the cheater has admitted guilt and taken steps to grow That was done here, but it still goes back to that flimsy reasoning and I can t get past it Otherwise I would have rated higher The H did do some good groveling and he certainly pined for the h over the years, but I can t stress enough that the REASON was stupid.

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    So let me get this straight At the end she grovels for daring to have a problem with his cheating a signing cleavage and it s just something she s to have to accept, along with all the female hanger ons if she wants to be with him Urrrrrrkay. bai

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    Dan and Sabrina were high school and college sweethearts Dan basically treated Sabrina as his forever girl and yet was being unfaithful behind her back with what he considered girls you don t marry There are girls you X % and girls you marry He told her as much when she found out and confronted him and he didn t seem to understand why it didn t make sense to her She broke up with him and 10 years later was his physical therapist after he hurt his leg playing professional ball She had incredibly difficult trust issues and he truly wanted to show her how sorry he was and how much he wanted her back.I think it was incredibly sweet and heartfelt how sorry Dan was and how vulnerable he made himself to Sabrina trying to win her heart Obviously she eventually softens and tries to learn to trust him Once they decide to move forward in their relationship she still struggles a little to deal with the groupies and constant women that tend to throw themselves at the team players I have to say that is totally understandable For the last few weeks they had been basically sequestered in his home working on his leg healing and she wasn t given an opportunity to really grasp how the fame part of his life was going to affect their relationship dynamic I feel that a couple trying to rebuild trust should have really talked about those aspects while trying to establish a new relationship So when Dan got frustrated and impatient with Sabrina when she had a hard time coping with the initial blow of seeing all the fans and women throwing themselves at him, he should have given her a bit of a break Understood she wasn t used to that and would UNDERSTANDABLY struggle a little with that It just bugged me that he worked so hard to win her back and then so easily walked away from her when she had a little meltdown Ultimately Sabrina ends up needing to prove to HIM that she can be trusted to deal with the dynamics that come along with his fame and notoriety Not a MAJOR deal breaker for me in the book but definitely something that didn t seem fair and bothered me in the story He should have reassured her and given her a little time to show her that it wouldn t affect him Instead he didn t feel she would be able to deal with it It just didn t jive with how hard he was initially working to win her back.Of course all things work out nicely in the end last three pages All in all a very romantic story and very heart warming If you are looking for HOT love scenes, not this book There was really only one or two real love scenes and although they were touching, they were very low key Would have LOVED to see a little of the details of their lovin I liked this hero and heroine and would have loved to feel a little oomph from them Overall, nicely written love story.

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