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Linda Goodman's Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart pdf Linda Goodman's Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart, ebook Linda Goodman's Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart, epub Linda Goodman's Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart, doc Linda Goodman's Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart, e-pub Linda Goodman's Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart, Linda Goodman's Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart 4ca7bce49f3 Master Astrologer Linda Goodman Provides Fundamental And Practical Insight Into The Power Of Love In This World Famous And Sensationally Bestselling GuideCan A Gemini Man Find Happiness With A Virgo Woman Will It Be Smooth Sailing Or Perpetual Fireworks For The Scorpio Female And The Libra Male Linda Goodman S Love Signs Offers Compelling Insight And Advice For Every Zodiac Sign And The Compatibility Of Each With All Eleven Others Lively, Entertaining, And Informative, This Book Will Help You Better Understand Your Mate And Your RelationshipFrom Your Finances To Your Lover S Secret Hopes, From Your Quirky Habits To What You Ll Fight About, From Avoiding War To Making Peace, This Book Will Tell You What To Expect And What To Look Out For Whether You Re Embarking On A First Date Or Are Seriously Involved, Linda Goodman S Love Signs Will Help You Open Up The Lines Of Communication And Unlock The Power Of Your Relationship

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    If Goodman s Sun Signs is the Bible of astrology and it is , then Love Signs is The New Testament.Here, Goodman takes her phenomenal understanding of each sign, and accurately applies it to the intricacies of the way male and female members of each sign interact with every other sign She s eerily on target with the joys and heartaches that can be expected with every possible astrological match.With the love and humor that was her style, Goodman shows us that no combination of signs in an impossible match Some are only challenging than others A must read for everyone who ever fell in love, or ever will.

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    yes, it s dated and sexist but damn, it s good scarily accurate

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    This book was great I look at this book like a dictionary rather then a book Linda Goodman is such a talented author because while teaching her readers about the sun signs and how the behave around each other but she uses his words in such a poetic way that just blows the readers away This book helped me a lot with my relationships in my family As I was reading this book I realized that Linda loves to use similes, and I love reading similies so this book was just perfect for me Also Linda makes learning new and different things fun and enjoyable And thats all you can ask from an author as reader, so this book was just amazing to read and I enjoyed it a lot.

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    so true

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    Maybe it s just me, but I like this book, and I think it likes me, too But wait it can t just be me I used to bring this around with me to classes and such, letting others flip to the pages corresponding to their current relationship fixation and watching them intensely study whatever fate might be written there In most cases, interested persons were already at least identified with their sun sign, and so you might say that I m reviewing as and for biased parties, but MAN, Linda Goodman sure can pen down that flowery language for each sign as though she s been there before, and it impresses all those I ve talked to In some cases, I ve seen this book produce tears Without having to delve into the common issues with astrology, I would just have to say that Goodman presents her interpretation of sign sign interaction thoroughly and provides an optimistic bent for the general pessimistic prophecies some combinations inevitably produce and is incredibly good at establishing an emotional connection across paper and ink barriers, which is probably what you re looking for if you pick up this book.

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    This book is accurate in so many ways I found it in my early 20 s and I use it to this day this would be a great astrological book to recomment to anyone who has been hesitant to buy one.

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    From the earliest days of my fascination with astrology, there was one author whose work invariably left me with mixed feelings Linda Goodman Although her work remains popular among the conventional mystics, most practicing occultists never even mention her Frankly, some of her advice was rather suspect To this day, I have yet to read any other astrology books that propose that the real ruler of Taurus is not Venus, but a planet called Pan Horus Equating gods who belong to two different pantheons and have virtually nothing in common in the first place is, if you can believe it, easier to overlook than many of the other quirks of Goodman s writing The real draw, if you can dignify it with such a designation, of Linda Goodman s output is her hokey writing style Her first book, Linda Goodman s Sun Signs, frequently read like a corny pop ballad from the 1930s, but it was still just barely sensible enough for a believer to consider it credible The sentimentality of Linda Goodman s Love Signs is exaggerated enough to be a New Age Bobby Goldsboro song, as one third party put it For instance, take this elucidation on the Sun signs of Peter and Wendy from Peter Pan Peter was a Sun Sign Gemini even though I use particular quotes of his to symbolize other signs in this book, a Sun Sign Gemini he was, who desired never to grow up, searching for something he never quite found, forever destined to be sure only of his own shadow, never of another human being until, we trust, through eventual enlightenment, he learned at last the lesson of love.Wendy was clearly a Cancerian motherly, possessive, gentle and imaginative, trying out her wings in a flight of fancy under the Full Moon, as Moon Maidens often do No strong Sun Sign harmony between them, you see, so they quarreled now and then, and each heard a different drummer Wendy ended up in the final chapter as nearly all Cancerians do, safe and secure No matter how wistfully her heart longed to fly again, she chose home, marriage and children as her ultimate dreams while Peter, like nearly all Geminis, continued his eternal search for a brighter rainbow, somewhere beyondstill obsessed by twin desires, longing to settle down with Wendy, yet longing just as fiercely to remain free and true to himself Goodman, 2.

    Imagine reading a thousand page book full of paragraphs of this nature, and you have Linda Goodman s Love Signs summarized well.

    The book is organized by Sun sign combinations All the combinations involving Aries go first, followed by the remaining combinations involving Taurus, then all the remaining combinations involving Gemini, and so on in this fashion The first pairing we see is the Aries Aries Relationship, followed immediately by Aries Woman Aries Man The next entry is the Aries Taurus Relationship, which precedes Aries Woman Taurus Man, which itself precedes Aries Man Taurus Woman Thus, the Pisces section contains a mere two entries the Pisces Pisces Relationship and Pisces Woman Pisces Man Strangely, unlike some erotic astrology books that dissuade the reader from starting a relationship with a member of a conflicting Sun sign, Goodman asserts that any pairing can be compatible the two halves only need to undertake work to understand each other This interpretation is quite refreshing, and an approach that occult books would do well to follow Of course, it s likely that Goodman refused to let anything obstruct her love conquers all message, as is evident from the Twelve Mysteries of Love chapter that bridges the introduction and the relationship analyses.Sadly, this book falls prey to the persistent bugaboo of sexism Linda Goodman s Sun Signs was a flagrant offender in this regard the worst of it occurred in the Taurus Man and Pisces Woman sections If you own a copy of the book or know where to obtain one, take a moment to read the respective passages and then wonder how a woman could be so sexist as to write them Heteronormativity dogs astrology books consistently, which is not helped by the general assumption in works of the genre that the reader is a heterosexual woman No book carries the bias quite to the extremes of this one, though In this book s case, the heteronormativity and gender binarism sometimes combine with the sentimental writing style to produce passages such as this, from the Aries Woman Aries Man section

    This woman never failed to cry, as a child, when she read about the Prince charging bravely into the woods to find his Princess and awaken her from her lonely slumber with the kiss of True Love Aries females invariably get all soft and squishy inside at the mere thought of True Love, their idealism in affairs of the heart being as eternal as Spring itself But really now, dear Aries girl, when you re honest with yourself, would it all have been quite so magical if the fiery courageous Princess had come charging bravely into the woods on her horse to claim her Prince and rescue him from the Wicked Witch The same meditation should be practiced on all the other faerie tales she still believes in, and dreams of every fortnight or so Imagine dainty Cinderella, red faced, puffing and perspiring, as she tried to shove a glass Hush Puppy on her Prince s foot, to see if it fitted him Mother Nature knows what she s doing The Aries man woman relationship will stand a better chance of success if she permits him to steal her Mars thunder Goodman, 44 45.Plenty of women Aries women in particular would jump at the chance to take charge of rescue missions In fact, anyone who has familiarized himself, herself, or itself with fairy tale canon knows that fiery, courageous heroines are a staple of folklore the Goose Girl, Kate Crackernuts, the woman who saved the Sleeping Prince, Marjorie in The Juniper Tree But I guess they re simply astrologically uninitiated for failing to realize their true nature as dainty, gentle women who need princes to rescue them The Aries Man Pisces Woman section is the worst offender in the Aries chapter I will not quote it here because so much is wrong with it that I cannot possibly decide where to begin Goodman herself acknowledges its perverseness In Goodman s world, there is one ideal relationship gender conforming man with gender conforming woman The closer one adheres to this Platonic form, the attuned to nature one is.For further evidence of this misguided notion, see the penultimate paragraph of the Leo Woman Leo Man section According to Shakespeare himself Goodman claims earlier in this section to have made contact with Shakespeare s ghost , after Petruchio had succeeded in taming Kate, the Lioness with her Moon in Aries or vice versa, same thing , into a gentle, submissive mate, who properly admired, appreciated, respected, and obeyed him, he allowed her to accept a part time job illuminating old books and manuscripts, a delicate and rare art Later, after she d passed that test, without returning to her old, domineering ways, he permitted her to design jewels for the ladies of Padua, as a full time career Eventually, she became quite famous and succeesful, which fretted her lover husband not a whiffle or a trifle because, you see, she never disputed his masculine rights She always came happily skipping, on the double, when her Lord and Master regally commanded, Come here, and kiss me, Kate In a Confucian sense, she is correct Acquiescence in a subordinate is the key to a successful unequal relationship boss and employee, master and servant, teacher and student, parent and child provided, of course, that the superior s behavior remains within reasonable bounds Should the superior overstep the boundaries, then that is his problem, not the subordinate s A wife, however, is not a subordinate, to dispute Confucianism itself The idea that an aggressive woman can love a passive man or vice versa never enters this book Healthy romantic relationships must be between equals, a concept apparently foreign to these pages Yes, plenty of other sections mainly those involving the Leo Woman, with the exception above extol the necessity of a man being a servant to the woman instead of the reverse But the notion that a romantic relationship between a master and a servant is unhealthy seems to elude this tome Appealing to classic literature is one of Goodman s tactics she also claims that a deeper understanding of the morals and metaphors in fairy tales would eliminate the need for psychiatric treatment Apparently, she never read The Canterbury Tales Then, after all the talk of properly adhering to Mother Nature s blueprints for men and women, Goodman makes such statements as this, from the Libra Man Libra Woman section Don t forget that Libra is a masculine sign, with a feminine ruler, Venus No fair allowing one sex to take priority of mention over the other Everything must be nicely balanced The sense of poetry and beauty and harmony in Librans extends also to the equality of their relationship It s clearly not harmonious to always name the man first or place the male s wishes ahead of the female s Just is just Male chauvinism is just souncoordinatedso unpoetic Don t you think Goodman, 655 So you see, Goodman never claims that women are inferior to men She insists at every turn that the man must be in charge of a romantic relationship, though she never states it quite that explicitly If it puzzles you that she repeatedly expresses support for the ERA, yet describes dominance as masculine and submission as feminine, your reaction indicates not that you are blind to any strand of esoteric wisdom, but that you do not share Goodman s Victorian interpretations of gender You see, to Goodman, virtually everything exists on a dichotomy Characteristics are either masculine or feminine, and what characteristics are which depends on the way they have been seen traditionally Thus, dominance, power, force, determination, stubbornness, and boldness are masculine submission, gentleness, passivity, dependence, receptiveness, and nurturing are feminine For this reason, Goodman heavily implies that Aries women are liberated because they are masculine and that Pisces women enjoy being submissive because they are feminine In this way, Linda Goodman s Love Signs reinforces gender polarization while promoting the women s rights movement.The world is not cast entirely in shades of gray Sometimes black and white are indeed all that exist Goodman s overwhelmingly polarized view of sexuality, however, is not conducive to a better understanding of what makes human relationships thrive For all the criticism I ve given this book, however, I will grant that it never becomes boring Like Gone with the Wind a book Goodman worshiped , Linda Goodman s Love Signs hovers at the thousand page mark, but contains no dull moments It s fascinating reading, for a variety of reasons.

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    Linda Goodman is amazing I can see why she is so widely referenced and exalted Wow Just, Wow I never had so many insights in one book about myself and others close to me Pairings that I actually had no personal interest in besides curiosity were just as illuminating as the ones I was eager to read the combinations of myself and past relationships, for example Really helpful also for those studying astrology like myself who are new to the study of astrology.

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    Love this book Love Linda goodman in general She is a great astrologer, and really hits the spot most of the time The book has general info on signs but goes further by explaining your relationship to other signs The one flaw in this book, though you can read around it, is that it first gives a brief overview of say cancer pisces, then cancer man, pisces women, and then cancer woman pisces man The disadvantage to this is when I want to know about same sex relationships, wether they be romantic or non romantic you are stuck reading the much shorter overview that being said, you can still see I rate this a five, and love it, and read it often It s a great help in learning about my relations with others, in love, friendship, or family I like that she does dialogue sections, because they really ass a lot of humor I also like that her tone is loving of every sign and you couldn t really pick what her sign was without looking it up.I would recommend this book with two big thumbs up

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    This was strictly okay I mean, it is very interesting read in itself, but I would say that relationships undergo many dynamics and they can t be straight jacketed There are various things that influence our behaviour towards one another environment, our health, our circumstances, our finances, our mood, our genes, our upbringing So, well, I wouldn t make this a Bible for people to refer to make out if their relationship would work or notHaving said that, there is no harm in reading it as you are warned about some of the roadblocks you might face in your relationship journey.A good read.PS I read only what was relevant to me at that point in time I just gave a cursory glance to the other signs By and by, I stopped doing that too.

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