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    The prison is in an uproar Inmates are being hustled out of the cell blocks to the yards to prepare for evacuation Chaos reigns as viscous ghosts rip prisoners to bloody bits Our warden, who is a good man and cares deeply for his prisoners we know this because the author has told us that fact repeatedly has just warned his boss that he will quit if they don t get him off the island immediately Is he that frightened No, the love of his life was gravely injured and Jenson must hasten to his side Yes,the love of his life that he met less than 24 hours ago He s going to bail on over 300 prisoners and guards that depend on him to hold the hand of a man he s just met Now in my opinion, this isn t a demonstration of the great, overwhelming passion of one man for another, its dereliction of duty It made absolutely no sense at all This was the point I quit reading I know that sometimes in erotic romance you need to start the sex off right off the bat, but there s literally no sexual tension established There s no build up of attraction, much less a relationship We ve got the warden sitting in his office in the big, see thru prison with his brand new parapsychologist sitting on his lap like a secretary in a mini skirt Initially the men are pretending to be lovers to protect Brian from the lecherous guards Heywait a minutewhy in heck are they hiring sexually predatory guards in the first place This is the sort of book that makes me want to beat my head against the wall There s an excellent premise and some promising writing, but virtually no character development or consistency in the behavior of the leads I know this author is hugely popular, and no doubt her readers love the instant attraction thing, but its not my cup of tea I mean seriouslyin the middle of sex, Brian the ghosthunter is daydreaming of picket fences and forever btw, they didn t have lube Ouch Anyhow, frequent sex does not equate sexual tension The author s voice is very simple and straightforward, sometimes relying on common metaphors and cliches in her dialogue I need a towel and a doctor in that order Brian She tends to tell an awful lot of the story I came away with no sense of who these men are Her description of the clear plastic prison was pretty good, but that s where sense of setting ends This book received a two rating from me rather than a one based on the potential of the plot The editing was good and I didn t notice any real problems in grammer or construction If you are a fan of the author, you might like it, especially as a change from her norm Otherwisemeh To be fair, I will do my best to struggle through the remaining 30 pages or so, but only because I m an eternal optimist But I can t promise.

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    Everytime I do a 1 star review, I always cringe when I see the Goodreads Author behind the authors name, because then there is a chance the author will see the review, and I really dont want to offend anyone, so if the author is reading this, you should really not read any further..Good Gawd, this was bad. I mean. Holy hell The premise is ok, I guess. We re in the future, a new Alcatraz has been built, to house the most dangerous IT criminals Some strange murders take place, and a parapsychologist, Brian Phipps gets assigned to the case Of course he has to go undercover as the Wardens lover because really, what other reason could there be to him being there God forbid, the news hears about the strange murders Nope, Brian needs to be Warden Jensens lover Fair enough I could live with that, I thought..Then they meet Oh, of course they meet for the first time with a big make out scene, in front of people And not once, do they stop to think Ok, this a bit odd, you know, kissing here, with tongue, in front of peeps, and I ve never seen you before But oh well, I let it go.5 minutes later they re practially having sex. And I swear to God, not even a full day has gone by, when Brian thinks this, just before they have sex for the first time Plase make me feel like I mean something to you They have not even known each other for 24 hours at this point Gags 5 mins later. Still in Brians head, we get this ridiculous beautiful monologue from him, while they are having sex FOR THE FIRST TIME, and have known each other, like I said, for less than 24 hours While they are having sex for the first time He began to spin a future with Jensen in his mind It was the everyday aspects of normalcy that Brian longed for He wanted simple things like coming home to Jensen after a long day, maybe planting a garden in the spring with the man at his side or arguing over who left the cap off the toothpaste How the fuck can you dream about coming home to him after a long day, when you havent even known him one whole day Jesus Christ Dont get me wrong, it wasnt only the little scrawmy looking Ghost hunter who pulled this off. Nope, it was the hard ass Warden, who after 1 day, told the little Ghost hunter that he loved him and after Brian said that he shouldnt because the bad, bad ghost could kill Brian, Jensen said Then I hope it takes me as well, because I cant imagine a single day without you You havent even known him a single day Arghhh. I cant take this any. I could go on and on, about what these two say, and its fucking rediculous. I m sorry author. But seriously. This is just bad

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    I loved it, plenty of everything just the way I like it Some gory parts that it makes this romance M M unique Sometimes it s good to look at your old files and find amazing stories like this I focus so much on new releases that I forget I have many books worth reading.

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    Pas demasiado miedo con esta historia, esas im genes gore , sumamente sangrientas son muy terror ficas Si embargo, la forma que tiene Brian de ver y tratar a los fantasmas es de alabar y de ver Tambi n me gust mucho el comportamiento que toma Jensen sobre Brian, se vuelve un total sobreprotector mientras poco a poco se va enamorando de l Muy recomendable

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    It is 2020 and Alcatraz has been rebuilt as a prison to house criminals convicted of cyber crime The World Police Unit control the prison and Jensen Black is the Warden A series of murders in the prison are causing grave concern as a number of prisoners die mysterious and gruesome deaths.The story is a paranormal mystery and the concept is interesting We are taken into a world where there is a global focus on cyber crime and the prison is constructed of transparent material The ghosts of prisoners past, are haunting the new prison that has been built on the site of the original prison They are taking revenge for events in the past.Dr Brian Phipps, parapsychologist thank goodness for spell check as I can never spell that correctly is brought in to deal with the situation Ghostly happenings, spiritual possessions, mystery, physical attacks.it is pretty much non stop action as Brian uses all his knowledge and experience to fight the evil spirits However, just why he brought along that big trunk with the handy journal of Gramp s is still a mystery to me.Luckily, he has to play pretend lover of Jensen, the Warden, to justify his presence on the island and to allow him to stay close to Jensen and under his watchful eye Not that they stay pretend for long There is a romance component to this story as Jensen and Brian fall for each other pretty quickly It is here that the story wavered a bit for me I just didn t buy the insta love between these two men with the associated claims of love, fantasies about futures and sacrifices for each other Maybe the situation they were in fighting the evil spirits and fighting for their lives heightened the feelings but it still wasn t very believable That also probably sounds like a strange thing so say, given this was a story about ghosts However, in the overall scheme of things, if you park any disbelief about the pace of the relationship meet, kiss, have sex, fall in love in a matter of a day or so then it is an entertaining story At about 100 pages, it was an pleasant and interesting way to spend an hour or two.3.5 stars This book was kindly provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.I now publish all my m m reviews on my blog so if you want to see all my m m reviews in one place come visit at Because Two Men Are Better Than One

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    When in a book the two main characters begin to behave like animals in heat from the first pages my interest begins to wane Can t we know their personalities first instead of only knowing their physical appearance Couldn t the author create a minimum relationship between the two before they jump in bed I don t understand how can I get attached to them if if everything happens fast.Another thing I missed is the atmosphere.If I read a story about ghosts, of horrible deaths I expect a way of writing, a way of describing that creates suspence, that creates expectation all this doesn t exist.Honestly it was disappointing.

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    An excellent story that really is best read in full sunlight These aren t innocuous ghosts and they re definitely not Casper friendly But the story is totally engrossing, somewhat chilling and a sexy man on man loving all at the same time.

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    Not my normal type of read but I loved it.

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    3 1 2 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviews Review of 3rd Edition 2013 The setting for this book is 2020. Jensen Black is the Warden at the recently reopened Alcatraz, but the prison is plagued with unexplained deaths, seventeen in as many weeks Jensen calls in parapsychologist Brian Phipps to pin down what is causing the deaths and is surprised at the sexy man he meets Brian is called in to investigate some gruesome unexplained deaths at Alcatraz, meeting the sexy Warden is a nice surprise and they quickly fall for each other, but malevolent spirits have other plans This is a great paranormal story but sadly lacks in the romance stakes Jensen has been plagued with horrific deaths at Alcatraz, but the deaths are even worse because of their unexplained nature That s where Brian comes in, Brian is a parapsychologist who discovers that Alcatraz is haunted by than just one evil spirit Jensen and Brian have an instant attraction and they waste no time acting on it and they rapidly fall for each other Laying the spirits to rest is harder than Brian hoped for and Brian and Jensen uncover a terrible secret that is over fifty years old, both men along with Jensen s friend Fisher have to risk their lives laying old ghosts to rest The paranormal aspect of this story is brilliant The reopening of the world s most notorious prison and its subsequent horrific hauntings is awesome, the mystery and secrets that have been hidden for so long is a brilliant twist and two men finding love during the stressful dangerous time is great The murders are gruesome and chilling so because of the circumstances surrounding them, the long forgotten secret is one that surprises and I have to say brilliantly thought of The one thing that let this story down was the rushed relationship between Brian and Jensen, they are hot together, they seem a great match but they fall in love much too quickly Within a very short space of time, when they don t really know each other and in a very high tension time, they declare their love for each other and it was just wrong, it felt rushed and it was dissatisfying If we had seen them together when they weren t in danger or in a hospital bed, but in a natural setting then it might have worked better I recommend this is you love horrific hauntings, evil spirits, a secret that is over fifty years old, hot men, hot sex, a great story line and a happy ending.

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    3.5 Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.Jensen Black is the warden for the newly renovated Alcatraz and most days he really likes his job When inmates begin dying in horrifying ways that defy explanation, he caves and calls for some help Brian Phipps has dealt with ghosts and paranormal activity quite a bit you could even say it runs in the family He isn t sure what to expect when he arrives at Alcatraz but it becomes clear fairly quickly that the ghosts aren t the only thing he needs to watch out for Dealing with Alcatraz will be hard, but letting himself fall for Jensen will be harder.I m really glad I got the chance to go back and read this after having already reviewed The Claiming of Patrick Donnelly In this first book we get the chance to know both Jensen and Brian, two characters that featured heavily in the next book While on the shorter side, I did like this book a bit better than the other there is still violence but it isn t as overwhelming and I had no problems with the relationship between the two main characters Jensen is a protector down to his core and it shows he doesn t want anyone to get hurt be they inmate or someone else Brian, on the other hand, has spent most of his life avoiding emotional entanglements due to the nature of his paranormal work but he still doesn t hesitate to reach out and take what he wants when he realized just what Jensen could mean to him The character interactions were decent but things do move really quickly due to the size of the book and I would ve like to have seen a in depth explanation about everything going on A word of caution, however there are mentions of past rape though nothing graphic is seen and there is also a scene that skirts infidelity but nothing actually happened If those bother you, you have been warned This was a decent read and I might go back and read it again in the future I definitely recommend starting with this before moving onto Fisher s story, however.

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