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Rolling Hot (Hammer's Slammers #4) files Rolling Hot (Hammer's Slammers #4), read online Rolling Hot (Hammer's Slammers #4), free Rolling Hot (Hammer's Slammers #4), free Rolling Hot (Hammer's Slammers #4), Rolling Hot (Hammer's Slammers #4) d6b41810a Colonel Hammer Has Only A Mixed Bag Of Recruits And Battle Fatigued Veterans To Relieve A District Capital That Has To Be Rescued Rolling Hot Is Sure To Follow The Success Of David Drake S Hammer S Slammers Nearly A Million In Print And The Bestselling Tie In Adventure Game

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    Hammer s Slammers and some adjuncts are about due for a rest The perfect time for an enemy attack Fairly well done military Sci Fi, about par with Drake s other work.

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    Another excellent book by the man many of us consider the Big Daddy of Military Science Fiction The Slammers are called upon to relieve the siege of the capital city of their paymasters They do it, in the bloodiest manner on both sides possible, leaving the reader both with a sense of satisfaction and a bitter taste in the mouth that makes you want to flip over the coffee table in frustration One item common today was barely off the drawing board when Drake wrote this Drones The Slammers use them effectively for reconnaissance here, something most people thought impossible back in 1989 when Rolling Hot was published If you have any interest in Military SciFi or just love a good war story, pick it up.Find it Buy it Read it

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    Like The Butcher s Bill and, honestly, all the Slammers series , Rolling Hot shows the heavy price of war This time though, it s not on combat hardened vets, or tired sergeants or new recruits it s on the broken folks who can t be on the frontlines right now or maybe ever again.All the Slammers books are bitter about war, but Rolling Hot is sick with anger over it Even as our in to the world, Dick Suilin, adapts and finds moments to at least enjoy the accuracy of his grenade launcher, the shitty times don t stop coming The world that hired them, the situation they re roped into and the in one case literal ghosts that haunt them never let up their pressure.

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    This is my favorite Hammer s Slammers novel.

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    In this Hammer s Slammers story Mercenaries are in a base camp, just out of battle Yet, these maintenance staff personnel, soldiers in for RR who really need it and the dregs of the unit are called upon for an important almost suicidal mission.It s tank combat a big battle and a then an even BIGGER battle It s an intense read.Including friendly fire and civilian causalities, I m afraid that this is what future combat and weapons will become.

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    Other than the fact that an interstellar civilization that has recon drones and satellites, but no air combat capabilities, this is a fun story The combat seems realistic although vastly skewed in terms of capabilities, and the story never stops For pulp combat sci fi, it is what it s supposed to be.

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    David Drake knocks it out of the park with Rolling Hot, easily his best Hammer s Slammers novel The story is loosely based on the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War, and told from the viewpoints of four main characters, each with a very different take on events The action gets going and doesn t let up, and the ending is as grim and gritty as you would expect from Drake.

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    One of my favorite Hammers s Slammers books, lots of action, a bunch of great well drawn characters Written during the tank phase of military scife it remains one of the definitive works of the genre.

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    This is my favorite of the Hammer s Slammers novels It s dark as dark can be For me, it works well at capturing the mess that s war The characters are interesting and kept my attention from beginning to end.

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    Not as good as the original Hammer s Slammers short stories but pretty entertaining reading.

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