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Pure Slaughter Value: Stories chapter 1 Pure Slaughter Value: Stories, meaning Pure Slaughter Value: Stories, genre Pure Slaughter Value: Stories, book cover Pure Slaughter Value: Stories, flies Pure Slaughter Value: Stories, Pure Slaughter Value: Stories 8e143eb721274 In His Extraordinary Debut Collection, Pure Slaughter Value, Robert Bingham Tracks The Conscience Of A Generation That Grew Up Educated, Privileged, And Starved For Meaning Bingham S Strange Sense Of Morbid Fancy Collides With A Gutsy Realism The Result Is Splendid Wreckage A Young Man Is Seduced By His First Cousin Or Maybe It S The Other Way Around At Her Brother S Wake The Other Family A Bored Couple Plot To Kill A Man During Their Ski Resort Honeymoon Marriage Is Murder A Yuppie Banker Risks His Whole Perfect Life For An Affair With A Junkie The Fixers An Insurance Company Bounty Hunter Tracks Down Walk Aways From Drug And Alcohol Rehab Preexisting Condition And In The Title Story, An Eleven Year Old Boy Is Caught At The Exquisitely Uneasy Intersection Of The Safety Of Childhood Play And The Pain Of Grown Up Love And LongingThese Lean, Potent Stories Are Utterly Original, And Yet By Turns Recall Salinger, In Their Intellectual Acuity, Emotional Depth, And Wicked, Dark Humor Fitzgerald, In Their Vivid Chronicling Of A New, Restless Social Elite And The Work Of Transgressive Writers, In Their Pervasive Sense Of The Imminent Possibility Of Danger And Violence, Even In The Most Civilized Surroundings Above All, The Stories In Pure Slaughter Value Mark The Debut Of A Striking New Literary Voice Unsparing, Bold, Ironic, And True That Will Haunt Us For A Long Time To Come

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    Preexisting Condition was my favorite story from this collection James is some kind of insurance company bounty hunter, and his specialty is identifying lost cause addicts and alcoholics whose wealthy families have taken out large policies to cover their indulgent, high risk lifestyles He catches them, reports back to the suits, and policies are cancelled He works in Saint Paul, MN my own home town , and circulates through a scene of addicts and alcoholics who have been in and out of what I can only guess is Hazelden a nearby rehab facility that the author s family had begged him to try James s primary haunt is a tweaker pad dubbed The Home for Chronic Inebriates a clapboard house outside of downtown Saint Paul where junkies and drinkers, many of whom are insured by his various employers, come to recover from their recoveries No spoilers here, but the absurdity of this story creates just enough paranoia to make me wonder, does MY insurance company employ goons like this

    Changing gears a bit There s a line from a David Bazan song Dig my new solution for harnessing depravity and that s exactly what Robert Bingham does with this collection His characters are depraved, entitled, cruel, careless, selfish, self destructive, insert your choice adjectives here But let him into your brain and you ll slowly begin to empathize Robert Bingham makes cowardly antiheroes somehow appealing.

    His good friend Stephen Malkmus eulogized him with the song Church on White, a reference to the cross streets of Bingham s manhattan loft where Malkmus had frequently crashed on visits to the city Promise me you will always be too awake to be famous, too wired to be safe All you really wanted was everything plus everything, and the the truth I only poured you half a line That last line is contested among people who care about these sorts of things, with most arguing for either half a line, half a lie, or half alive Malkmus would probably sing it differently on every take, but does it really matter Each version is sufficiently haunting, just as Bingham s stories are.

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    After being blown away by Lightning on the Sun, I have to say I was a little let down with this one I m usually a fan of short story collections, but these were nothing than momentary glimpses into the lives of privileged people hellbent on destroying their privileged lives However, I cut Bingham a lot of slack due to the fact that he was writing about what he knew, what he lived, and the fact that his own self destructive behavior led to an early death, leaving only two published books in his wake This book was also a good predecessor to Lightning, obviously a sign of future things to come Sadly, there will be no Bobby Bingham books, though.

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    To be honest, I didn t love this collection I considered stopping after the first few stories, which were filled with thin characters doing mean things I didn t really care about But before I could let it go, Bingham hit me with a story The Other Family that I enjoyed So I stuck it out If I could give it two and a half stars, I would.

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    The language is crisp, and every page explodes for me This is very refreshing because it seems to me like Oscar Wilde the man came alive and became harsher, sarcastic, but knows that some day he will spiral out of control

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    In one of my old journals I mention that I read this He was someone I knew as a child his sister and I were friends and we lived in the same building I read this after he died and now I don t remember anything about it.

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    If David Berman wrote fiction, he d be Robert Bingham Too bad he liked heroin too much While half the stories in this collection are drug based induced , all of them are fantastic, portraying characters too afraid to grow up.

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    the east coast bret easton ellis maybe it s unfortunate that he does not have a long career ahead of himthis was near perfect.

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    Some really great stories here, also some not so great Averages out to three stars but the book is definitely worth reading.

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