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Soldier Boy chapter 1 Soldier Boy, meaning Soldier Boy, genre Soldier Boy, book cover Soldier Boy, flies Soldier Boy, Soldier Boy 6905be28a9dfb For Scottie And His Mates It S Been A Year Of Dead End Jobs And Killing Time When His Girlfriend Mel Makes A Go Of A Career, Scottie Comes To A Decision That Will Change His Life Forever To Join The Army It Will Bring Him Money Than He S Ever Known, Teach Him Skills He S Never Imagined, And Lead Him To Discover Things About Himself He D Never Have Believed His Job Will Carry Him From The Depraved Housing Project Of His Birth To A Land That S Foreign In Every Conceivable Way And It Will Bring Him Home Again Across Thousands Of Miles To Face The Future And The Past, And Ultimately Lead To A Confrontation With An Awful, Undeniable Truth

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    Having read and admired Rhodes first novel, Asboville , a few years ago, I ve had Soldier Boy on my to read list for some time now I finally got around to it a few days ago and I m very glad I did It s got some of the best features of Asboville authenticity, empathy, humanity but as the story progresses Rhodes takes things to another level, the narrative shifting from gritty realism to something altogether lyrical and mysterious There s a subtle intelligence at work in this fine book, and plenty of evidence that Rhodes is a writer who will continue to go from strength to strength I look forward to his next.

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    Found this book said nothing interesting or nothing new for me Dull story written in an uninspired way Sorry to anyone who enjoyed it, but, for me, I was a bit bored by it to be honest

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