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    good read for bibliphiles

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    This is not one of those books that ll leave you saying, that was the best book But, I did enjoy reading it I found it free on Kindle, so grabbed it to have something to read between books if you know what I mean You could say it s a small encyclopedia of information you ll probably never need, but now that I ve read it, I do feel a bit like Cliff Claven from Cheers always sharing little tidbits of random information For instance, did you know that the planet Venus rotates backwards or that in 1695 American colonies levied a tax on bachelors to encourage young men to marry You never know when you might need this information I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys having utterly, completely, and totally useless facts at the ready.

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    I find a lot of inconsistent and inaccurate facts that can lead to bud misinformation I find a lot of inconsistent and inaccurate facts that can lead to bad misinformation and also there are a lot of good info, I hope so.

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    This book is a collection of random facts and little known knowledge I usually like fact books like this, but I d say at least half of the book I knew already or it wasn t interesting.

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    Very entertaining.Entertaining A fun filled collection of very interesting trivial facts I enjoyed many good laughs while reading Easy to start and stop No need to go back after a long inactivity because there is no plot to keep track of.

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    Took it on a family trip with me and annoyed the hell out of my brother with bits of minutiaegreat fun

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    Fun ReadLooking for a entertaining read while on the go then this is the book for you Always good to learn something new every day.

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    A Mixed ReviewThe philomath in me enjoyed learning new information.The pedant in me shuddered at the several errors of both fact and grammar.

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    A Fine Trivia BookIt s a book filled with fun facts It s an easy read and a must for trivia fans I enjoyed reading it and I think you will as well.

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    cute book for the waste of times just to ease the mind from a hard one

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