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The Road from the Monument pdf The Road from the Monument, ebook The Road from the Monument, epub The Road from the Monument, doc The Road from the Monument, e-pub The Road from the Monument, The Road from the Monument 13a78c03ed9 Storm Jameson S Fine Novel Tells The Story Of Two Men, Their Beginnings, Ambitions, Wives, Failures, SuccessesGregory Mott Is Seen At First Solely Through The Eyes Of Other People The Old Man Who Taught Him When He Was A Child His Aristocratic Wife His Oldest Friend, Lambert Corry And Harriet Ellis, At One Time His Mistress And Still His Close Friend He Is A Religious Man, A Writer Whose Anglican Beliefs Have Had Considerable Influence For The Past Ten Years He Has Been A Successful Director Of The Rutley Institute Of Arts What Man Could Be Happier Or Sercure But Suppose Such A Man Makes An Error, Social Or Moral And Makes The Further Blunder Of Denying It During A Journey Abroad This Happens Afterwards, In London, Truth Eats Its Way Into His Life Through The Defences Of Fear, Vanity, Self Deception, Egoism Friends, And His Religious Assurance Itself, Fail Him, And Step By Step He Is Driven To Look At Himself In The Clearest Bearable LightThe Other Man, Lambert Corry, Makes No ErrorsAnd, Though At One Moment He Runs Some Risk Of Recognising Himself, His Prudence And Agility Save Him From This DangerApart From The Journey Through France And The Scene In A Pilgrimage Village In Switzerland, The Action Takes Place In London, Much Of It In Mott S House On The North Side Of Hyde ParkThe View From This House, Seen At Different Times Of Day Or Night, At Different Seasons, Forms The Background For A Novel Which Is Both A Social Comedy And The Account Of One Man S Unwilling Discovery Of Himself

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    An odd book, and perhaps even odd because Jameson is such a good writer Greg Mott is a highly regarded author, and the director of an artistic institute He came from humble beginnings his father was a destitute ex seaman, and the shame he graduated from Sheffield University but he has made something of himself, a great man of letters, with important friends and acquaintances I have to wonder if Mott were based on Evelyn Waugh, although Waugh went to Oxford The Road from the Monument opens with the retirement of a public school teacher he s been there sixty years, wasn t even qualified when he started, and has been paid a pittance throughout his tenure The teacher spotted Mott s potential early, and spoent his own money to put Mott through university After leaving the school, he goes down to London to see what Mott has made of himself and realises that Mott s intelligence and wisdom pretty much skin deep He goes back gom edisappointed The story then focuses on Mott s second in command, Lambert Corry, his best friend at school, who went to Oxford, became a civil servant, rose through the ranks but then resigned to take up a position at the institute Unlike Mott, he is not a successful author Although the plot of The Road from the Monument is ostensibly about the scandal which hovers over Mott after he picks up a young woman while on holiday in Nice and gets her pregnant, it reads like a poison pen letter from Jameson to the UK s literary set Most of the characters are writers of varying degrees of success, and James sticks the knife into every one I tweeted a quote from the book while reading it, and it s one of the mildest characterisations in the book of one of its cast they always gave him credit for honesty and integrity, the virtues of a moth eaten writer He got what he deserved respect and neglect The upper class are also depicted as sociopaths which I suspect they are, anyway as are the plutocrats , and, in fact, no one in this novel is at all sympathetic except perhaps the young woman who is made pregnant by Mott Not a pleasant book to read I m not doing too well in that respect in this post , and Jameson does over do the interiority but she s nonetheless a sharp writer, and I plan to further explore her oeuvre.

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