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  • Dangerous passion
  • Lisa Marie Rice
  • English
  • 01 August 2017
  • 9780061898372

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    OMG, I loved this book The hero, the heroine, the story, the epilogue yes, there s a very good and sigh worthy epilogue in this book, yay , everything was just perfect, IMHO I m a devoted LMR fan but, as much as I enjoyed all her books, only the Midnight series earned 5 stars from me Well, not any Dangerous Passion has just made it too Victor Drake Drakovich is a dangerous arms dealer who lives a very secluded life Due to his profession , he has a lot of enemies who would be than happy to end his life in the most violent and painful way, so he s very careful about not having any weaknesses that could be explored by them Caring for someone would be a major weakness because his enemies wouldn t think twice before striking someone he cared for to get to him, so he doesn t have friends, he has extremely well paid employees And he doesn t have lovers, he has sex partners Luckily for him, he also doesn t have a family, since he doesn t even know where he was born and had never gotten himself emotionally attached to anyone all his life But this solitary life of his changes when he meets GraceGrace Larsen is a struggling artist who s almost but not quite as solitary as Drake She d like to live to paint rather than paint to live, and the closest friend she has is the owner of the art gallery owner where she exposes her artwork She doesn t have real friends, she has acquaintances And, like Drake, she doesn t have a family either her father left when she was nine years old, her mother let herself go after that, and there were no aunts or uncles or cousins to love her when her mother died Grace has always felt like a misfit, and the only thing that she cares about is her art.And it s her art that brings Drake and Grace together when, one day, he sees her paintings exposed through the window of the art gallery while stuck in traffic He s fascinated by the paintings and, in a completely out of character behavior, goes into the art gallery to appreciate them closely While he s there, Grace walks in and, bam, in a true LMR fashion, he falls hard and fast for her Only, he knows he can never be with her because that would make her a target in his enemies eyes So he leaves the art gallery unnoticed, and contents himself with buying anonymously, of course everything she paints He also ditches his bodyguards and escapes from his tightly secure world to watch okay, stalk her from the alleyway outside the art gallery twice a month This routine goes well for about a year, but a man full of enemies like Drake is bound to be betrayed by one of his employees sooner or later And when one of his enemies discovers how obsessed he is with Grace and threatens her life in order to get to him, Drake knows it s time he pulled out all the stops and changed his life forever, for there s no way he ll ever let anything bad happen to her So he takes her to his private fortress and pretty much stakes his claim, vowing to protect her with his life.Grace is a bit shocked at first seeing people die in front of you, being shot at and almost dying in the process will do that to anyone but she senses a connection with, not to mention a strong atraction to, Drake and knows she can trust him, even though there s no doubt there s something dangerous about him But, hey, he s a LMR hero so we all know that he s dangerous to everyone but the heroine I have to say, I didn t think Drake was hero material when I met him in Dangerous Lover, where he played a secondary role I mean, he wasn t one of the good guys so I just dismissed him and forgot about him That shows how clueless I am, LOL, because Drake has become one of my favorite heroes now that I read Dangerous Passion He was strong, protective, caring, and he loved Grace so much that I was almost envious of her Grace started out as the typical LMR heroine beautiful, delicate, trusting, sweet and kind But she got stronger as the story progressed, and I was pleasantly surprised to see her saving the day in the end Very impressive Kudos to LMR for changing her formula and giving us a sort of kick ass heroine.As for the ending, I confess my eyes were a little misty in a good way when I closed the book Hormones, I say This was the second LMR book in a row with a very good epilogue, so I guess she paid attention to her readers complaints about the abrupt endings in her earlier books Very well done, Ms Rice All in all, this was an excellent read that only made me love LMR s writing than I already did.

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    I really loved this one, maybe so than other reviewers, since I m a big fan of LMR However, I was a little concerned if I would 100% fall for the hero, Viktor Drake Drakovich, since he was a just this side of legal arms dealer not exactly a hero worthy occupation Not to mention that he was probably one of the most feared, most powerful men in the world, so well versed in the martial arts that his body was a lethal weapon, and didn t do love Not sounding too promising there But lo and behold, when it came to the heroine, artist Grace Larsen, the man was a huge softie In typical LMR fashion, once he got a look at the lovely Grace, it was game on and he had to have her But here s the twist he couldn t have her, for to do so would put her life in serious danger Drake had numerous enemies wanting to bring him down, and to show any chink in his armor, to show anything he was vulnerable to, would make it easy for those enemies to use it to destroy as in kill him So Drake had to love from afar which I found so pitiful , stealing glances at Grace while hiding in a dirty alleyway, spying through the art gallery windowthis from the most powerful man in the world What kind of a life is that, if you can t openly be with the one you think you love What good is all that power and money if you constantly have to watch your back to see who might have a gun trained on you Ms Rice gives a pretty detailed backstory for Drake, and it s a sad yet remarkable tale At first I had a little trouble figuring out just how old Drake was, for to accomplish so much in his life especially considering his miserable street rat beginnings and just from the way she described his looks, I figured he was a man in his forties Color me surprised when she mentioned he was 34which seemed to fit better with Grace s 28 But for all that he lived through, and all he worked for, I kept thinking to myself God, does he need someone to love him And that s where Grace came in.Beautiful, kind Gracetalented yet a bit naive, a person who has trouble fitting in today s world, kind of a loner with not many friendsshe was just perfect for the equally lonely Drake I loved the instant connection to one another that they each felt I loved the gentle way that Drake seduced herI loved how they each gave in to the passion that they both feltcan LMR write a scorching sex scene or what Oh, the scene in front of the skyscraper windowsH O T I loved the action in this one too Once Drake s enemies knew about his love for Grace, they were bound and determined to use that against him and bring him down The reader gets inside of the head of the ruthless, ambitious man who is plotting to have all that Drake has, and I was anxiously biting my nails, saying Don t go in the living room, don t go in the living room The scene where Drake and Grace s lives are in danger seems right out of a movie I m thinking of a scene in The Godfather Michael and Kay in the bedroom , and Grace gets to prove just how strong of a woman she is go Grace Loved the ending too, where Drake proves just how smart and cunning he is Loved a glimpse into their happy future too, and I think we may have seen an interesting character who could have his own book one day.So, there may have been a few unanswered questions, a few plot holes and some scenes that test your believability aren t there any police in NYC and why don t they ever question Drake or Grace If a building blows up and is on fire, where are the cops and firemen But this didn t bother me too much, since I try not to overly think about those things that can ruin an entertaining read If you re looking for a romantic escape, this is it I loved the tender relationship between Grace and Drake, loved their fiery, passionate moments, and I loved the transformation of Drake into a man who could appreciate the world around him I loved how Grace was able to get him to appreciate the little things in life snow and to show him that s there s hope and beauty in this world we live in And I loved how Drake was able to show his duschka that he loved her just the way she was, and that Grace had the confidence to be herself I hope that somehow LMR revists these characters, and that we can see just how well they are coping in their new world This may not be my favorite book by LMR hard to top Midnight Angel but it ranks right up there 4 1 2 stars.

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    2.5 stars Standing in the shadows in the cold of a Manhattan winter or the steamy furnace of a Manhattan summer for an hour or two a month, without his bodyguards, without any security whatsoever, for a glimpse of a woman it was madness. The beginning of this was crazy good The suspense, danger, and action was gripping Then the story started to become the hero constantly talking about how the heroine is not like any other woman and his fantasy of banging her We don t get a sex scene until the second half, which shocked me because this is categorized as erotica but the constant fantasizing by the hero and then the second half focus on sex than earn that category I wanted action because the author wrote it so well The villain was good, the hero s dark background was good, and I could even handle the very good girl but, It had also been clear that she wasn t wearing a bra, because she didn t need it Her breasts were perfect as they were.No She s sweet, amazing, no make up, perfect no dyed shade hair, amazing artistic talent, etc, etc, but no to the perfect breasts not needing a bra to look perfect I can sustain my disbelief only so far Really though, I just couldn t with the perfect all other women are scum heroine, as viewed by the hero.The sex didn t grip me because I didn t know the characters enough Great first two chapters, though.

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    Dangerous Passion has everything readers expect from Lisa Marie Rice a hot Alpha male, a woman in trouble, tense action, and enough sizzling sex to set your fingers on fire Although I enjoyed this story a lot, I did notice than a passing resemblance to a previously released story, Secluded in Secrets, Vol 9 She s a mostly naive artist, struggling to make her living in the big city but content with her distance from others One day Grace s artworks catch the eye of an anonymous collector who buys up everything she produces Then during one visit to the art gallery to drop off her newest works, Grace is kidnapped and her dealer friend killed But when they try to use her to force compliance from a stranger in a nearby alley, the stranger saves Grace and gets awaytaking Grace with him to his highrise aerie.Drake has always known he would die violently He is, after all, the head of a billion dollar arms empire and not all that money was earned legally He s honed himself into a lethal weapon and never takes chancesuntil he spots Grace s artwork and sees himself in it For one year, he s only watched from a distance but when his enemies try to snatch Grace, he realizes her life will never be the same She s his only weakness, but she s also his only happiness.It takes talent to make me LIKE a weapons dealer Drake grew up hard and can only express tenderness with Grace silly sigh She confuses him, attracts him, and completes him and he in a typical male manner can t figure out quite why WHAT an Alpha And the sex I think my fingers are still smoking The story does take place in a compressed timeframe, but that s part of the plot so it didn t bug me The contrast between the characters and their natures are a big part of what draws me to Rice s works and this story is no exception.My only beef is the story s eerie resemblance to a previously released work Not that I didn t enjoy the greatly expanded version, but I would have liked to have known about it before reading Dangerous Passion Lisa Marie Rice is still one of my favorite erotica authors and I ll be anxiously awaiting her next release.

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    Dangerous Passion had nothing to do with the other two books in this series and is a stand alone The plot was good, but there there was too much repetition of information and fluff to add pages to the story, imo Felt the characters were adequately created and didn t need the reminders of their past lives and harsh realities Got it.Fate and soul mates would be an excellent theme for this book because there was a strong inexplicable tie between the two main characters Grace was a painter and had dreams of Drake before he had a scar removed from his face Drake was a self made gabazillionaire who sold weapons to other countries and the U.S Their worlds finally collide and danger follows them Toward the end, the story dragged a bit, the use of my love while being shot at seemed out of place and I was frustrated with how Grace dealt with the loss of her friend early in the story I still enjoyed the book, would give it 3 1 2 stars if I could.

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    I really liked this one but in the end I couldn t really get completely over the fact that the hero is an arms dealer and that the heroine, after asking him if he was a drug dealer, never questioned him about his job again He could be in the business of human trafficking for all she cared, and I just couldn t ignore such naivite in her part.Other than that, I liked Drake s character, his fierce protectiveness and dominant nature Although I m usually one to complain that some romances confuse lust with love, LMR convinced me in this case that their relationship was much than physical The suspense was mediocre, which I admit is the way I like it so it doesn t overshadow the romance, the love scenes sexy but also tasteful, the hero quite yummy These are reasons enough for me to make me want to read other books of the same author I just hope the other books do not deal with such morally dubious professions.

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    This was a classy, emotional romance I really liked Drake and Grace as a couple The idea of lonely people who drift through life, and find each other, two pieces of a heart coming together always makes me feel mushy and sentimental in the best way That s the ultimate kind of romance to me Add on top of that, a hard, lethal man who melts only for one person, the woman he loves Yup, I go into instant sighing mode Despite the fact that this could have been rather cheesy in theory, this book is not cheesy in the slightest At least, not to me I love the dangerous hero who will do anything for his woman And Drake definitely embodies that.Lisa Marie Rice has an elegant, smooth writing style that makes for a quick, involving read The love scenes are just right, although I could have done without the c word for the woman s anatomy I can understand that from the perspective of a rough man like Drake that he would use terms like that and the f word for the sex act, so I was able to deal with it I could see that his feelings for Grace were so deep, multi layered and real He never viewed her as a disposable sex object, which is a huge turnoff for me in a hero He was just a rough guy who grew up in the worse circumstances, and to whom gentleness and love were foreign, until she came into his life, and everything changed I m not an erotic romance person, but I felt right in my comfort zone with the love scenes in this book c word aside The scenes show a sensuality teamed with an emotional connection that progressed the story nicely Nothing too crude, kinky, or off putting for me.The action and suspense elements won over this exacting action adventure fan I knew I was going to like Drake from early on This man knows how to handle himself He might have bodyguards, and he is wise to do so, but he is lethal all by himself Anyone who comes after him and his woman has a serious death wish, and there was no question about that The strong, silent, lethal hero is my favorite type, and I will add Drake to my list I also liked the way that sweet, gentle Grace handled herself in some dangerous circumstances, keeping her cool and showing a lot of resourcefulness She proves that she can handle being in Drake s world I really enjoyed this book The scenes of emotional and physical intimacy were perfectly rendered Drake is the larger than life kind of hero that you do have to suspend disbelief to read because he just makes normal men just fade in comparison , but that s the fun of it Grace is a woman that you know is than worthy of his love, who gives back even than she takes, even from a man who would hand her the world on a platter I can see them living happily ever after, deeply in love each year of their long lives together I love reading romance books that are like action movies with very good and extensive romance elements That s the perfect combination for me The adrenaline rush from both the danger and the swoonworthy romance And this book definitely delivers that I can see why this is such a well liked book I d recommend it, even if you aren t into erotic romance It gets the Danielle seal of approval, if that means anything to you.

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    4.5 stars Totally enjoyable Makes me feel good Alpha arms dealer falls in love and protects beautiful artist.STORY BRIEF Drake heads up a billion dollar empire selling weapons to various countries He lives in a fortress of a home with bodyguards One day he sees paintings in an art gallery window that he can t resist He goes inside to look and meets the artist Grace who takes his breath away She brings her work to the gallery every other Tuesday For the next year, Drake secretly stands in the alley on those days so he can watch her through the gallery window He loves her from afar but knows he can t bring her into his world One of his enemies learns of his Tuesday visits and hires four men to ambush Drake One of them grabs Grace and holds a gun to her head He and Grace are able to get away, and Drake takes her to his home fortress He later shows her she can never be free again, because his enemies will always be after her as a way to get to Drake.REVIEWER S OPINION Totally enjoyable Emotionally fulfilling This is similar to her other books The same alpha type warrior who is so in love with a woman and so turned on by her that he needs to be hosed down The same type of heroine gentle, caring, beautiful, brave, and needing protection It s easy to read Every once in a while I m in the mood for this kind of writing Makes me feel good Some of it is a little over the top with exaggerations similar to I ve done this thousands of times and I ll kill him if he so much as leaves a scratch on her I like her style and enjoyed this even though there were a few weaknesses described below.CAUTION MILD SPOILERS The weaknesses were 1 I wanted to see how Drake would uncover and deal with the traitor in his organization, but it never happened 2 Grace s psychic ability painting his scar felt thrown in and didn t go anywhere If the author was trying to show a psychic connection between the two she needed to do with it than she did I think the story would have been fine without the psychic part 3 The hero was a bad guy, an arms dealer For some readers that may be a problem I was ok with it Not every story needs to be about perfect do good heroes.This is not a weakness, but I would have liked seeing story about what went on between Andrew and Shota how Andrew enticed information from Shota Shota was so loyal I wanted to see how someone could pierce through it.DATA Story length 310 pages Swearing language strong Sexual language strong erotic Number of sex scenes 10 Total number of sex scene pages 34 Setting New York, S Carolina, Italy, Sivatu island in the Pacific Copyright 2009 Genre erotic romantic suspense.OTHER BOOKS For a list of my reviews of other Lisa Marie Rice books, see my 4.5 star review of Midnight Man posted 3 17 09.

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    Feelings kill faster than bullets goes the old Russian saying, and arms dealer Viktor Drokovich discovers how very true that can be when he falls in love at first sight with a work of art and then with its artist, Grace Larsen Loving Grace will be a weak spot in his armor that puts him in mortal danger and it will be his ultimate salvation.You have to be able swallow a lot for this story to work Like that an incredibly powerful arms dealer, who s killed any number of people, could also be gentled and principled Like that someone this obsessed The weakness disappeared instantly Grace needed food Just the thought of her being uncomfortable God, hungry in his home was enough to energize him This was a woman in a million He should treat her like porcelain, like glass that would shatter at his touch He should get down on the floor on his knees as if before an angel won t eventually turn on the other person when she reveals a flaw Like that he never seems to need to have an orgasm.But the story flows so smoothly and ultimately has such a nice balance to it that it really works, despite the many implausibilities It s an exciting, romantic, satisfying fantasy.

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    DNF 55%By the 10th reference to his past sexual partners, I finally gave up Lost my enthusiasm which sucks since this was SO promising Bummer.I gave it 3 stars to be fair to author, because this type of thing doesn t bother most people I, however, don t like constant images of the hero having sex with other women.

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Dangerous passioncharacters Dangerous passion, audiobook Dangerous passion, files book Dangerous passion, today Dangerous passion, Dangerous passion 99f97 Feelings Kill Faster Than BulletsThat Is Drake S Creed A Legend, A Renegade, A Ruthless, Powerful Enigma Understood By No One And Feared By All, Viktor Drake Drakovich Heads Up A Billion Dollar Empire And Shows No Mercy To The Many Enemies Who Would Stop At Nothing To Destroy Him He Is A Man With No Love And No Weakness, UntilGrace Larsen Takes Drake S Breath Away The First Time He Sees Her And Quickly Becomes His Obsession Never Before Has He Burned For Someone The Way He Desires This Hauntingly Beautiful Artist Who Is Plagued By Troubling Dreams He Aches To Possess Her, To Protect Her, To Carry Her To New Heights Of Sensuous Arousal And Rapturous ReleaseBut Entering Drake S World Means Becoming A Target For Relentless, Bloodthirsty Foes Have Been Eagerly Waiting For Him To Expose His Weak Spot And The Price Of Their Passion May Be Their Lives

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Lisa Marie Rice is eternally 30 years old and will never age She is tall and willowy and beautiful Men drop at her feet like ripe pears She has won every major book prize in the world She is a black belt with advanced degrees in archaeology, nuclear physics, and Tibetan literature She is a concert pianist Did I mention her Nobel Prize Of course, Lisa Marie Rice is a virtual woman and exists