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Something Sweet pdf Something Sweet, ebook Something Sweet, epub Something Sweet, doc Something Sweet, e-pub Something Sweet, Something Sweet 964d9533afa Greg Howe Used To Be Such A Sweet Boy, But A Bad Experience Over Seas Has Left Him Scarred And Skittish Forced To Return Home To Help Out At The Family Sugar Shack, Greg Is Confronted With His Old Friend Alex, Who He Hasn T Spoken To In Ten Years The Bitterness Of Their Lost Friendship Fades Away As Alex Helps Greg Struggle To Cope With His Pain, While Rebuilding Their Old Closenessand Something

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    The title fits the story It is a sweet telling of two best friends, separated for ten years by a misunderstanding when they were young Greg, the younger and lively of the two, has gone through a horrific trauma and he is no longer so upbeat and happy In fact, he is withdrawn and traumatized They come together to during syrup season, to help out Greg s father I wish the story was longer, and Greg s past had been gone into a little Together, they were sweet, and the story interesting.

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    What would happen if a high school boy saw his best friend with whom he grew up kissed another boy in a graduation party A decade of separation That s what happened when Alex left for college in another city, and Gregg stopped talking to him Alex thought his best friend was disgusted by him kissing a boy, while Gregg couldn t contain his jealousy Their fathers were business associates and close friends to each other, so it s actually easy for them to contact each other, but they simply didn t Gregg never even asked his father anything related to Alex One day, Gregg was forced to return home, to take care the family business A battered journalist who experienced tortured in the Middle East, Craig has changed from his childhood days He didn t expect to see Alex again Unlike Gregg, Alex has been keeping up with news about his best friend So, he kinda knew what s happening with Gregg He didn t expect, however, to see a broken man in his friend He promised himself to make things right for Gregg Just like what he always did when they were young.This is a short but really nice story.

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    An enjoyable, sweet story, despite the glossing over of the one character s past trauma.

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