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    You wouldn t want to be a samurai is about what you had to do to become a samurai and all the sacrifices you had to make To officially become a samurai you would need to train for years and years and try to perfect your technique, which in a war might just save you Once you become a samurai you will be honored by all the people This means that if you do something wrong and it is really bad the only way to keep your honor is to commit suicide If you didn t have to kill yourself you would go to war I gave this book 4 stars because it kept me engaged but near the end i felt that it got pretty dull But other than that I really liked it now i understand what samurai s had to deal with and I know I would not want to be a samurai This book was short but informational, it was easy to read and could really teach you a lot I would recommend this book for people wanting to learn about the subject or anyone interested on the topic.

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    An inside look at what it takes to be a samurai, all the training, fighting and expectations.Why I started this book I was eager to compare this to You Wouldn t Want to Be a Ninja Warrior A Secret Job That s Your Destiny especially since it was pointed out to me that Americans like the ninjas and Japanese like the samurai.Why I finished it It comes down to honor, ninjas where lower caste with lower honor Samurai were high caste with high honor Otherwise you trained for war and fought the way your fathers fought, in secret or in the open.

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    This is any test book talking about the deadly and ancient art of the Samurai Samurai s were native to Japan and loyal to their nation above all else They had to train for months in order to get the necessary fools needed Samurais often killed in an attempt to protect themselves and the people around them If a samurai was not loyal then they would be fired from their job and probably killed I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about ancient cultures

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    Some of the things I learned 1 Shogun was basically like PM today, though its position was similar to a military general.2 Samurais used moving targets including live dogs for arrow shooting practice3 As the last Tokugawa shogun was overthrown in 1867, there was no longer any need for samurai

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    The proud, fierce and powerful warriors the SAMURAI The book talks about the armor, the ranks of both military and society, the history, the intense training, including the Japanese names for some of each category, various tall tales and myths told about the Samurai, and even several famous Samurai Another fun read.

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    This is a great series of books, and this one focusing on the life and times of Samurais is another great addition Filled with great illustrations and resourceful information, this is a great book for any young reluctant reader A must have for any library collection.

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    This one and the ninja book are two of my favorites All the history is great to read Once again the clothing and armor are great It was great to read that they held reading and writing in high regard And it listed who couldn t be a samurai.

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    love this seriesthe kids enjoy the humorous facts

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    The life of a Samurai has been portrayed by movies as a very glamorous life style This book reveals the real and difficult training that Samurai had to go through.

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