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Slottet i Pyreneene chapter 1 Slottet i Pyreneene, meaning Slottet i Pyreneene, genre Slottet i Pyreneene, book cover Slottet i Pyreneene, flies Slottet i Pyreneene, Slottet i Pyreneene 143b938079bf4 The Author Of The Massively Successful Sophie S World Returns With A Love Story And A Novel Of Ideas, Exploring The Place Of Human Consciousness In The Universe Through Five Intense Years In The S, Steinn And Solrunn Had A Happy Life Together, Then They Suddenly Parted Ways, For Reasons That Are Unclear To Both In The Summer Of They Meet Again On A Balcony Of An Old Wooden Hotel By A Fjord In Western Norway It Is A Place They Both Have Fond Memories From, And Their Meeting Turns Out To Be Fateful But Is It Purely Coincidental That They Meet At That Particular Spot At That Particular Time Over A Couple Of Weeks That Summer They Write Emails To Each Other, And It Becomes Clear That They Have Been Living With Very Different Interpretations Of Their Shared Past This Intimate Love Story Of Rediscovery Explores The Question Can Science Explain Everything, Or Does Some Invisible Force Influence Our Lives

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    Slottet i Pyreneene Roman The Castle in the Pyrenees, Jostein GaarderThe Castle in the Pyrenees written by Jostein Gaarder first published 2008 Through five intense years in the 1970s, Steinn and Solrunn had a happy life together Then they suddenly parted ways, for reasons that are unclear to both In the summer of 2007 they meet again on a balcony of an old wooden hotel by a fjord in western Norway It is a place they both have fond memories from, and their meeting turns out to be fateful But is it purely coincidental that they meet at that particular spot at that particular time Over a couple of weeks that summer they write emails to each other, and it becomes clear that they have been living with very different interpretations of their shared past The Castle in the Pyrenees is both a love story and a novel of ideas, exploring the place of human consciousness in the universe Its main theme is of great current interest can science explain everything, or does some invisible force influence our lives 2013 1392 210 9789643636500 21 .

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    Great idea, but only a solid execution From the first until the last page, I expected something exciting and I have never got it Maybe I sound a bit cynical, but the way the book is written, I don t see how I could care about Sulrun and Steinn s relationship Their bond seems platonic, so I ve got no reason to be invested in it An unexpected encounter triggers a series of e mails between former lovers They reminiscence about their past relationship and debate about fundamental philosophical questions and differences between them They discuss God, the existence of a soul, paranormal experiences, while at the same time remembering their last trip which had broken them apart Throughout the e mail conversations, they tenderly circle around the very reason for their break up, but never quite openly talk about it Steinn and Sulrun stand for two completely different worldviews, and in the end, neither the philosophical nor the narrative mystery is solved, and both are left hanging Of course, the end isn t even nearly satisfying It s always a bit problematic to talk about the everlasting discussion between people who believe in science and religious people I can t decide whether Gaarder went too harsh on his characters or if he didn t dig into the analysis enough Sulrun and Steinn kept on coming back and forth from totally ignoring each other s opinions to ruthless attempts of persuasion without considering feelings of one another I can t say I grew to like either of the characters, but Steinn was definitely worse among the two of them It may seem a bit weird since I agree with most of his monologues, but in spite of it, I was so irritated by his indifference of other people s beliefs If he expects other people to respect his viewpoint, it has to go both ways At times, it looks like he has double standards Unlike most of the books I read, in this one I like female protagonist better I can t say I support even the smaller part of her monologues, but I understand her point of view and how she only wanted for Steinn to ACCEPT it instead of only tolerate it She s a fragile and emotional dreamer, full of warmth I thought their e mail exchange would be a bit intimate Their debates over religion were the most boring part of the plot I felt like most of the text was only a filler, supposed to delay the bits I was the most interested in They happen to be so absorbed in their past they forget to pay attention to their present and they even lie to their families They have completely conflicting world views and it gets frustrating at times Steinn is a scientific realist and Sulrun is a spiritual religious woman who believes in paranormal This all makes a good base for an interesting debate that surounds issues of their relationship, but in the end we know very little about their past relationship.

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    review in English below N o sei porque tenho este livro, deve ter vindo de oferta com algum outro que comprei Peguei nele porque estava m o e precisava dum livro leve para levar comigo Isto para explicar que n o tinha qualquer raz o especial para o ler e, na verdade, acabou por ser uma perda de tempo.Todo o livro composto por uma troca de e mails entre dois antigos namorados que se reencontraram recentemente por acaso ou talvez n o, na opini o dela ap s 30 anos e tudo me soou muito artificial ou ent o porque os noruegueses s o mesmo assimDevido a um acontecimento vivido por ambos 30 anos atr s, ela passou a crer no mundo espiritual e na vida ap s a morte e tornou se crist Ele um cientista que n o aceita essa vis o e as suas mensagens, sobretudo na primeira parte do livro, acabam por ser palestras sobre o come o do universo e a evolu o da vida na Terra, tudo muito cient fico, para contrapor s opini es dela.N o me agradou e n o recomendo I don t know why I own this book, it must have been a promotion sent by the book store I picked it up because it was at hand and I needed a light book to carry with me All this to explain that I had no special reason to read it and, in fact, it turned out to be a waste of time.The whole book is composed by an exchange of e mails between two former lovers that had recently met by chance or maybe not, in her opinion after 30 years It all sounded too artificial or maybe that s how the norwegian people areDue to an event they both experienced 30 years before, she started to believe in the spiritual world and in life after death and became a Christian He is a scientist who doesn t accept that vision and his messages, specially in the first part of the book, seem like lectures about the beginning of the universe and the evolution of life on Earth, all very scientific, to counter her opinions.I didn t like it and I don t recommend it.

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    interesting debate between science and religion It is done by two ex lovers who share emails after a strange encounter many years after breaking up They have completely conflicting world views one has a science naturalistic metaphyisic,the other a spiritual religious This all make for a good debate that surounds issues and events of thier relationship and the interpretation of those events It all makes for a strange twist at the end.This is worth a read if you are interested in philosophy, religion and science debate If not do not bother reading this book, it will probably bore you the frist half of this book focuses on those concepts only second half makes of the story Great ending though.

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