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  • Paperback
  • 231 pages
  • Bloom
  • Elizabeth Scott
  • English
  • 10 May 2017
  • 9781416926832

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    When Lauren is with Dave, she s envied by all, and Lauren thinks nothing can get better than being with her boyfriend With him, his perfection rubs on her, making her perfect as well But Lauren isn t happy And when an old friend, Evan, comes along, Lauren suddenly realizes that she should change things about her life before she can t I am not impressed with Bloom at all I guess I had high extremely high expectations and was less than pleased when I finally finished reading I don t think I liked anything about it Nada.Lauren is whiny times a hundred Overboard She s always complaining about this or that yes, teenagers do that, but I have an incredibly hard time sympathizing with her about anything It s like her story is so, so forced Everything screams fake and lifeless It s terrible when the world the author has created doesn t resonate with me at all She s so self absorbed it should be a crime, and I m left to try to sympathesize, but oh god, I can t. Since I read Perfect You first, I noticed that Scott likes to repeat things over and over again, and it s no different here Line 1 Dave is perfect in every way Three pages later, Line 2 Dave is smiling that perfect smile of his Two pages later, Line 3 Dave even has straight, perfect teeth The stress on Dave s perfection drives me crazy How can anyone be that perfect See, just describing the book has made my sentences repetitive And if she s so upset about how unhappy she s feeling, why not just save us all the time and dump him and get a life already GRRRRThe story is one long soap opera Nothing ever really happens short for Lauren talking about how she should be happy but isn t because Dave s too good for her It s only at the last two chapters that Dave finally finds out that they re not the perfect couple any Normally, you expect the conflict to be resolved like that, but when it comes to books with stories like this, I can t help but wait for it all to end sooner The emotions, lines, pages just drags on until finally, the author realizes a little too lately that she has to end it somewhere, and that s the feeling I get it It s all so sudden not just Dave figuring out that Lauren wasn t the best girlfriend, but also the father expressing his feelings at the final chapter He s been silent and absentee all this time, but wham, he s saying how sorry he is and talking about the past Say what It wasn t a well thought out progress at all Lame, lame But the most important thing is that it s B O R I N G I hate to say that, but I just wasn t pleased Besides the anticipation for something dramatic or even engaging to happen to wake me up from my foggy state of mind, I was just like, Oh, please, filled with sarcasm and everything There wasn t anything exciting or intriguing about the characters, the story line, or even the chemistry in the relationships Books, movies, you have to be able to experience that sizzling on screen romance you get from that big screen in the theaters But here, Evan is robotic than anything, and Lauren just gets stupider as time ticks away Perfect match, you say Not in my world.

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    Why I disliked the book 1 Lauren was too boy crazy Every thought she had was Evan Evan Evan Dave Evan Evan Evan Evan I get sick of the realllll fast And the book is 231 pages of this nonstop 2 She thought her relationship with Dave was boring and safe because Dave didn t want to take it to the next level Do some role reversing, does this sound right And she kind threw her virginity in Evan s direction This whole sex debocle didn t sit right with me.3 I don t get how she could befriend Gail in the matter of days, and then spill all her dirty little secrets to her That whole Gail Lauren friendship didn t work very well, Gail was only there when Lauren the plot needed her, and then she disappeared into the backdrop.4 This is where I should say I break up with Dave Or that I stop seeing Evan But there s nothing to say because I don t do anything I think about it, tell myself I will figure everything out That I will do something But I don t Gaahh, exactly The quote like that explained perfectly why she made me want to tear my hair out She doesn t do anything Just feels guilty but keeps doing what makes her happy.5 She complained about how she doesn t fit in with Dave s friends, yet she only tried once or twice to extend her friendship Then she was content to sit back and go on about how they re not nice to her.6 She constantly tells us how scared she is of everything Grow a backbone and do something about it Do anything I found Lauren to be a very weak character.7 Her cheating in general, and how it is portrayed in the book Lauren just cheats and cheats, feels guilty, leads Dave on some by trying to act perfect, then goes back to cheating because Evan makes her happy Ughh You know what If you are so freaking unhappy with your boyfriend Dave, break up with him You re just hurting him .8 She was a terrible friend to Katie Exception is the very end, but it shouldn t take you 220 pages to figure out Katie is your best friend for a reason.9 She s worried about turning into her mother, and hurting those around her I don t know what brand of rose coloured glasses she is wearing, but does the thought cross her mind that the longer she cheats on Dave, the hurt he will be Does it cross her mind how she hurts everyone around her with her selfish actions 10 The whole absent parent thing is over glorified Wow, are there no normal families It s either the picture perfect Dave family, the absentee parent Lauren family, or the dysfunctional depressing Katie family Way to not feed the stereotypes, guys.11 Does Evan really not care at all about anyone but himself and Lauren Isn t there some guy code where you. uhm, lay off other guys girlfriends Also, why the heck does he like Lauren Is it because of the way back when story I don t see the connection apart from when Lauren goes on and on about how much she thinks about Evan , nor much personality from Evan So Evan in general was unappealing.12 I m curious why Lauren doesn t seem to care about what other people think of her I m a high schooler, trust me, I know Despite what you say, there s a part of you that is always concerned about what others will think of you Lauren s actions, to most people at her school will probably calleed b tchy and sl tty, but she never mentions her fears of this I find that unrealistic.13 Minor characters in general were very flat They had their own issues, but there wasn t any character growth I like character growth.14 The plot itself was lacked originality and really any spark Very much missing the oomf factor.14 The ending is too ideal, not to mention predictable The heart to heart with daddy, the fact that fifteen minutes after breaking up with a very inconsolable Dave, she was holding hands and making out with Evan in the halls, the fact that she believed she had finally kinda figured out who she was all very meh.

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    3.5 stars AND YES, I will admit that I m adding half a star for those mind blowingly HOT kisses Man, this woman can write kissing scenes like nobody s business Even if the ones kissing have a tendency to make me REALLY want to slap some sense into them.Also, I hatehateHATE the phrase chewed off smile Ms Scott seems to have a thing for it, but whenever I read it I think of someone literally chewing off the other s smile And that s justblech.

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    Honestly, I wasn t very fond of this book At all It was just so annoying I hated the main character, and if I hate the main character, why should I even finish the book I did, of course, but I ended up skimming a lot of it.Lauren is an average girl who has a practically non existent best friend named Katie and an all too perfect boyfriend named Dave Enter Evan, the boy from her childhood, whom she quickly falls in love with for a reason I m not 100 percent sure of except for the fact that he made her happy.Along the story line, Lauren cheats on Dave and keeps cheating even though she 1 knows it wrong, 2 really wants to stop, and 3 doesn t want to hurt Dave I mean, she must realize that cheating on him keeps hurting him and the people around her, right Not really She doesn t know what to do although the answer is pretty clear to me , so she keeps on cheating on him with Evan.I don t know why Evan liked her I don t really know if it s even explained except that one minute they re somewhat friends and the next, they re all over each other, every day Evan doesn t like the fact that Lauren is cheating on her boyfriend with him, but he doesn t really do much about it Then there s Gail, the girl she comes to with her problems, who s only there when needed to be, but pretty much disappears when Lauren doesn t need her any Gail was a character that was pretty much flat and not needed, and nothing even really became of her.I know Lauren isn t perfect, and I m glad she s not, but she s just so stupid and such a weak character that I hated her right from the beginning, which kind of just ruined the whole story for me.

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    My Thoughts This is my second Elizabeth Scott book I will be reading from her I heart her I particularly enjoyed this book and didn t want it to end As I flipped the pages and got closer to the end, it left me sad I enjoyed it a lot I love that Lauren runs into Evan after so many years and they have an instant connection Not so much as brother and sister their parents were dating but like a connection into their souls I loved watching the chemistry between them and the way their friendship blossomed Yes, I should bring up her celibate boyfriend but I ll let you read about him, I didn t find him that fascinating to be honest I especially liked the part where Lauren s dad did not remember Evan I think that could really happen in real life The time goes on, the we forget and forget what is really important I loved the characters in this book, the setting, the chemistry, and especially all the relationships.Overall Wonderful Love the writing style, love Lauren and Evan Loved everything about this book Cover Another pretty cover Lately I have been reading a lot of books with flowers on the cover haha Reviewed at princessbookie.com

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    So Elizabeth Scott is OFFICIALLY my favorite YA romance author I read LIVING DEAD GIRL first so not a romance and then decided to backtrack and read her earlier work I was startled at first to see comedies ROMANTIC comedies but then I gave them a shot, and WOW glad I did.Lauren in BLOOM is such a real character She s that girl that hangs out with popular people but isn t quite popular I knew loads of these girls in high school Her boyfriend is gorgeous, but things just aren t right between them, and when Evan, a hottie from her past, shows back up, sparks fly.THe story is real and genuine, and the characters are so well written Especially Katie, the best friend, who could easily be annoying if written poorly, but she wasn t She was so endearing.Great read Hot love interest, realistic family drama, and yes, some awesome kissing YOu won t be sorry.

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    Bloom, by Elizabeth Scott, looks like one of those teen romance type books, and, well, it is, but it s actually good It s all about Lauren, who gets relatively good grades, has a perfect boyfriend, and plays in jazz band And then it s all about Evan at least in Lauren s mind, because he s all she can think about Oh, and did I mention that her boyfriend s name is Dave Yeah, you read right Lauren cheats on her boyfriend But that s hardly giving away the plot, since it s fairly obvious from the beginning of the book that this is what s going to happen It s not really about what happens with Lauren and Dave when they re at school, or what happens with Lauren and Evan when they re not, but it s about being inside Lauren s head, and seeing how she plans to deal with the situations that she s created for herself The book opens by Lauren whining about not being able to drop a class that she doesn t like, World History In fact, the very first lines are, I guess I kept hoping some kind of miracle would happen It wasn t even like I was asking for a big one I mean, I didn t want someone to come along and give me straight A s or perfect hair or anything I just didn t want to take one lousy class That s not too much to ask for, right She then proceeds to complain about this class for a bit in the first chapter, then gets on to start talking about her life, her best friend, Katie, and her boyfriend, Dave As she s talking about her life, she hits on the subject of her parents Lauren lives with her father, because her mother left them when Lauren was about six This plays into the book a lot, and she learns a lot about herself in relation to her parents Moving the plot along, something rather important happens in World History class There Lauren meets Evan Kirkland meets him again, I should say As you find out through a series of flashbacks, Evan is the son of Mary, a woman who had gone out with Lauren s father a couple years previously Lauren and Evan were good friends when they knew each other, but they lost touch after Mary and Lauren s father broke up In spending and time with Evan, Lauren begins to question her safe relationship and boring life She also realizes that she loves who she is with Evan, but she s also scared This is where her mother factors back into the story Lauren starts to wonder that if by cheating on Dave with Evan, she s turning into her mother, who had a wild streak, which is why she left Lauren starts to struggle inwardly over whether to stay with Dave, or with Evan, with safe, or with wild It is at this point that the book becomes than a cheesy teen romance book When Lauren starts to debate within herself over the whole cheating scenario, she also starts to think about her parents, their motives for doing things they did, and if she s going to end up like them mainly unhappy This is mature topic than is normally encountered in these types of books and it was refreshing to read it and see how Lauren figures things out and takes charge of her life I may sound somewhat critical of the book, but I really did enjoy it the book itself is actually written very well It talks about mature topics than just the daily grind of high school, which really, if you think about it, isn t that exciting As stated earlier, I liked that Lauren had to make decisions in her life that were than just what color to paint her nails she was virtually deciding between two different futures one with Dave and one with Evan It made me think about why we do the things we do, and how the things that we do when we re young can affect us for the rest of our lives.

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    Bloom has been on my list for quite awhile now and it finally got bumped up to the top of my cart and made its way to my door This is my first Elizabeth Scott book and she comes highly recommended Comparisons to Deb Caletti and Sarah Dessen abound and, as I am a big Caletti fan, I was hoping for a nice, cozy read on a snowy February evening Lauren is pretty sure she s as average as it gets The one thing she excels at is playing the clarinet in her school s jazz band, but no one but her best friend Katie even knows she plays at all, so that hardly counts The one un average thing about her life is her boyfriend Dave the golden boy For reasons unfathomable to Lauren, Dave chose her the year before and they ve been together ever since Lauren spends her days in a pleasant, if rather lackluster fog, walking through life on Dave s arm Enter Evan a blast from Lauren s past His mother and her father lived together for a short time when they were kids and the shared trauma of that experience reverberates through each of them when Evan moves back into town and begins attending Lauren s high school Bloom was good and I enjoyed it I kind of flip flopped with regards to my feelings toward Lauren In many ways, I really liked her I liked her dedication to the clarinet and her nervous excitement at being given a solo in the upcoming concert I liked that it was her secret and I got why she couldn t tell anyone about the one good thing she had going on She took care of her dad even when he didn t deserve it and she tried and failed but she tried to do right by her incredibly nice, incredibly clueless boyfriend On the flip side, I didn t really like how oblivious she was to her best friend s rapidly disintigrating personal life I didn t really like how long she let the facade of her relationship with Dave go on It hurt at least four people than any of them deserved Back to likes I really liked Evan I really liked the mature yeah, mature way he and Lauren got to know each other again I really liked one particular encounter they had in his kitchen And I really liked how the two of them approached their parents collective paranoia and disfunction and chose not to make the same mistakes Overall, this is a relatively short story with a lot of threads, not all of which were as developed as I would have liked But it has sweet, humorous, and heartbreaking moments and it was a good read on a snowy February evening.

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    When I had read this book, I wanted to discuss it with my friends I found I couldn t It doesn t have anything to do with the plot or the story, but with the protagonists One hour after I had read it, I realized I didn t know the names any Have you ever tried to tell somebody about a book and had to begin Well, there is this girl her name I don t know Let s just call her girl 1 Girl 1 has a boyfriend his name I don t know either Let s just call him boy 1 She also has a best friend, whom we can call girl 2 and meets an old friend, boy 2 If you haven t noticed This won t work.I never read a book and forgot the names of the protagonists just as fast as I finished it Looks like there is a first time for everything.If you like those books with typical love stories, this is the right one for you Somehting to read trough in a day maybe when you ve just broken up with your boyfriend and then go on and forget all about it Why not I knew exactly what I got, when I bought it I think That doesn t keep me from criticising this one, though.To add, I ve never met a protagonist as dumb as Lauren I mean, come on She s got the perfect boyfriend, but meets someone else That s okay, really But then she goes on and on about how happy she should be, but isn t and wheather to dump her perfect match or her true love Seriously I ve honestly spent half the book thinking Oh, come on, break up with him already Not only does everyone reading it know how she s going to decide, but then there s this thing with her, weather to trust her best friend or not Are you guys best friends forever or what You are supposed to be able to tell each other everything and you both want to what s the problem Oh yeah, right The plot Why Well, there is none You can divide this book into three stages 1 Together with perfect boyfriend but as unhappy as you can be still denying2 Finding true love and cheating on perfect boyfriend 3 Arguing with herself what to do oh, and this part covers than a third of the book Then there is the end Thank god, I would say And how does she decide I bet you know.I could go on for a while longer, but I think this covers the basics I hope I ll never have to read a book with this protagonist again.wait what was her name again

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Bloomcharacters Bloom, audiobook Bloom, files book Bloom, today Bloom, Bloom 95622 There S A Difference Between Falling And Letting Go Lauren Has A Good Life Decent Grades, Great Friends, And A Boyfriend Every Girl Lusts After So Why Is She So Unhappy It Takes The Arrival Of Evan Kirkland For Lauren To Figure Out The Answer She S Been Holding Back She S Been Denying Herself A Bunch Of Things Like Sex Because Staying With Her Loyal And Gorgeous Boyfriend, Dave, Is The Right Thing To Do After All, Who Would Give Up The Perfect Boyfriend But As Dave Starts Talking And About Their Life Together, Planning A Future Lauren Simply Can T See Herself In And As Lauren S Craving For Evan, And Over, Who She Is With Evan Becomes All The Fierce Lauren Realizes She Needs To Make A Choicebefore One Is Made For Her

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