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    This may not be the worst book I ve ever read, but it defiantly on the list I extremely disliked how the author wrote this book In each chapter there would be a new problem and Ulysses would solve it and they would then move onto a new island It was like that for the whole story, a island, a new problem, and Ulysses always solved it Also, even though I do realize that this is fiction, some of the things Ulysses did was impossible, even in this setting Ulysses may be a hero, but he is not a god Although he did have some help from the gods at times, it is physically impossible for a mortal man, Ulysses in this case, to lift a giant rock by himself and throw it to crush some of his enemies I don t know if anyone I know will enjoy this book because I certainly didn t.

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    Every child has grown up reading, or being read, tales.My favorites were, and still are, Snow White and the Odyssey.I can t even recall how many times I ve watched the amazing 1997 movie of Odyssey with Armand Assante and Isabella Rosellini I ve read the original epos of Homer too, and all I want to say is that B.Evslin did an amazing job I really enjoyed reading again the adventures of Ulysses I think it s the most epic story of all time and EVERYONE must read it

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    This is the worst book I ve ever read Giving this book one star is too much The whole book repeats itself until the last chapter The last chapter cuts to the chase and then it s over.

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    We re reading this book for English class right now.Before we started reading about Greek myths and legends, I knew nothing, not the slightest thing But after reading a couple of books I LOVE IT Greek myths are intriguing myths that draw you into a magical world full of adventure, danger and excitement.I m especially interested in reading about all the perils Ulysses had to face in order to go home to Ithaca it s AWESOME I don t care about what other people say, this book is really good and if you re a person who loves reading about thrilling odysseys and dangers lurking in every page, I recommend this book.

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    It was pretty good I like Greek myths so that s probably why However, it wasn t my favorite myth I ve read.

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    This was an assigned read so going into it I had no expectations I was pleasantly surprised I liked the action in it.

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    Good book for people who want an easier side of the Odyssey Had to read for school.Wasn t very interesting.Felt like the same thing was happening over and over again Thank you for reading.

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    I think that this book is very interesting and it was very fun to read it I would say that after all Ulysses did the right choices throughout the book even though he shouldn t have stabbed Polyphemus eye, because that was the reason that Ulysses was left wondering all these years at sea and if he hadn t done it he would have been home a long time ago Ulysses is a very brave men and I think that he deserves to go to The Elysian Fields when he dies because he is definitely a hero.The Adventures of Ulysses book is about a sailor that goes on a journey to save a girl named Hellen When he goes to save Hellen, he uses a strategy that angered Poseidon, the god of the sea, because it wasn t meant to him and meant to the Trojans As the gods are very jealous, Poseidon choses to trick Ulysses for a while but afterwards Ulysses blinds Poseidon s son Polyphemus and that made Poseidon even madder so, as Polyphemus asked for, Poseidon makes Ulysses wonder at sea for 20 years before getting home Ulysses meets many people throughout his voyage and he also looses all his crew members I would recommend this book to people between the ages of 10 and 15 because people that are younger than 10 years old won t understand the book because of the vocabulary and because it is very hard to understand all the things that are going on at the same time because it is very confusing And I don t recommend this to people that are older than 15 years old because I don t think that people that are above that age like this kind of adventures but if they like myths and gods I think they might enjoy it, even though they can find complicated books to read

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    One word IT WAS AMAZING Wait Counting on fingers That s 3 words Nevermind I loved this book But then again, I am a mythology geek And because of that, not a lot of other people are This book was descriptive, short, sweet, and the characters had life like emotions Ulysses was sometimes a jerk, and he was very confident in himself Like the title says, the book focuses mainly on him I recommend this book to fellow mythology geeks, and people who can read a lot of old words like ye.

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    I still remember reading and LOVING this book in junior high I highly recommend it now for middle grade readers because it presents the story of Ulysses for younger readers in a compelling and highly readable way Ulysses references come up quite a bit in life, and thanks to this book, I have always known and loved the story and understood the context of those references.

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