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A Touch of Strange txt A Touch of Strange, text ebook A Touch of Strange, adobe reader A Touch of Strange, chapter 2 A Touch of Strange, A Touch of Strange a0e387 Winner Of Both Hugo And Nebula Awards, Theodore Sturgeon Has Established His Reputation As One Of The Most Original And Provocative Of SF Writers Here Are Nine Masterpieces Of Imagination From The Period Of His Finest Creativity Included Are The Pod In The Barrier , The Other Celia , Affair With A Green Monkey , The Touch Of Your Hand , And The Name Of Theodore Sturgeon Is A Magic Word In The Field Of Science Fiction And Fantasy And A TOUCH OF STRANGE Is One Of His Most Unforgettable Collections From Back Cover

About the Author: Theodore Sturgeon

Theodore Sturgeon 1918 1985 is considered one of the godfathers of contemporary science fiction and dark fantasy The author of numerous acclaimed short stories and novels, among them the classics More Than Human, Venus Plus X, and To Marry Medusa, Sturgeon also wrote for television and holds among his credits two episodes of the original 1960s Star Trek series, for which he created the Vulcan m

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    I read this collection over fifty years ago and The Other Celia has stayed in my mind all these years What a concept absolutely unforgettable.

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    Recently I was lucky enough to find a handful of vintage Theodore Sturgeon collections at a used bookstore near my house It s taken me some years and wisdom to appreciate Sturgeon s craft at creating a story, but I ve finally come around This collection contains seven stories, all from the 1950 s Standouts, for me, are Mr Costellor, Hero about the politics of fear let loose, Affair with a Green Monkey sexual labels and an extra terrestrial who needs to be shown how to behave like a man, A Touch of Strange lonely people find love among profane sirens and The Other Celia about a voyeur and his object of curiosity.

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    I was once told that one of the secrets to good writing is for a writer to give you all the details you need to know to understand why characters take the actions they do Theodore Sturgeon is very meticulous in this way and I enjoyed most of these stories In the case of the lone exception, the story was well written, but featured one of those protagonists you don t enjoy spending time with I was pleased to read this sampling of stories by one of science fiction s great writers.

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    I enjoyed this Sturgeon collection very much, cover to cover or less Of the seven short stories contained within, I like six of them VERY much I was especially wowed by Mr Costello, Hero, The Touch of Your Hand, and The Other Celia but even the less than superb in my estimation stories in this book are full of charm and insight While none of the stories in A Touch of Strange are as humorous as Derm Fool or as full of pathos as Die, Maestro, Die from two other collections , the author s trademark humor irony, esp is often at work, and the plight of various characters is genuinely moving even surprisingly so.Only It Opens the Sky failed to keep me riveted and I m not sure why one description in the story, concerning the properties of a dangerous drug, actually seemed a bit amateurish or silly, to me a very rare experience in reading this author And still, there was much in the story that I found at least interesting.Overall, though, I really admire the originality of Sturgeon s stories, his values freedom, compassion, love , his prose, descriptions, and metaphors, and, generally, the masterful way his character rich tales unfold, like watching a photograph slowly develop in its chemical bath yes, I m that old At first, you re not even sure of the picture s proper orientation, but you re spellbound as the details, shapes, and colors sharpen until they are fully realized and the final image is almost always extraordinarily rewarding especially if you allow yourself some time to reflect on the mysteries and subtleties of these tales or, in some cases, wait long enough for the joke zinger to sink in.

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    Reading A Touch of Strange, I can see why Bradbury and Vonnegut looked up to Sturgeon His stories are wonderfully original The characters in A Touch of Strange have contact with mythological beings, then the story takes a turn back to the ordinary, and knocks our socks off Sturgeon was fascinated with morality and amorality he uses Angel Policemen to deal with this theme in It Opens Up the Sky Affair With a Green Monkey would have been a shining addition to The Fiend, Playboy s Magazine s Sci fi collection The Other Celia , with its voyeuristic meddler, reminds me of The Man Upstairs from Bradbury s October Country I particularly liked A Crime for Llewellyn , an ironic tale about a man who wants to go astray but can t seem to make it happen for himself All in all, a very satisfying collection My 1958 edition was missing A Pod in the Barrier , The Girl Had Guts , and pieces of its cover, which kept flaking off in my purse.

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    A Touch of Strange is a collection of 9 short stories by Theodore Sturgeon This is my first attempt at reading Sturgeon s unique brand of science fiction It did take me a bit to get used to his writing style, but as I read through the stories, I enjoyed them and Some had nice positive endings, some somewhat confusing endings and The Girl Had Guts was quite scary, reminding me a bit of Aliens The title story, A Touch of Strange was just as the title states, strange This book was originally published in 1958 and it s worth trying out if you are interested in Science Fiction I will check out of his work.

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    This book contains the Mindwebs audiobook 40 story Affair with a Green Monkey Weird tale of a well meaning redneck and his wife After he rescues a stranger from a mob, he finds his infallible intuition about human nature was misplaced His supreme confidence in his own abilities like a certain orange skinned self proclaimed genius I could do without leads him to reveal the horror of his true nature and his wife s epiphany sends him scuttling away from self awareness to lick his wounds Excellent allegory all about bigots For the conspiracy theorists.was the Green Monkey a coincidental reference to the now discredited theories that AIDS was either transferred from African Green monkeys as opposed to chimps to humans or created by the CIA FBI in Washington to reduce the incidence of gays and junkies As this was written in 1978 and AIDS appeared in New York in 1981 it s unlikely.

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    Mr Costello, Hero incredible

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    Here s a photo of Theodore Sturgeon and friend , one of the Grand Masters of Sci Fi according to my mind, anyway His imagination was prodigious, but he did center his stories around people instead of special effects like alien worlds or space travel He has dozens is seems of anthologies out just devoted to his short stories A Touch of Strange is not one of his best, but still good enough for someone wanting to read sci fi or just creepy stories in general.This collection is bookended by the best stories, including The Girl Had Guts which is not what it sounds like and IS what it sounds like all at once Although I am in no way as good a writer as Sturgeon, this was the story of his that I most wished I had written.The stories in the middle are a bizarre lot One is a long pot boiler of an alien society so strange that I just couldn t figure out why everyone was so upset Another is a weird and unfortunately, predictable look at mer people messing up the lives of human beings One story, The Pod in the Barrier can be found in other Theodore Sturgeon anthologies The story that I can t get out of my head is A Crime for Llewellyn which is about an autistic or retarded man who cannot for the life of him and others around him commit a crime This was one of the scariest stories I ever read because I think we can all identify with Llewellyn at some level, whether we want to or not.I recommend reading this a little at a time Too much Sturgeon at once can be overwhelming I stuck mine in my purse to read during long lines or sitting in waiting rooms.

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    This is my first exposure to the wonderful phantasmagoria of Theodore Sturgeon and it most certainly won t be my last In fact, as son as I finished reading it I ordered a copy of E Pluribus Unicorn I don t think it s an exaggeration to state that Mr Sturgeon is one of the finest practitioners of fantastic fiction he has the ability to captivate you immediately by dint of his agile, beautiful prose, and then take you on a truly magical etheric exodus to worlds of meta mystic strangeness The man s voice is utterly unique in fantasy fiction A passionate, philosophic scrivener whose demonstrative wit, patent humanity adds considerable warm, not to mention pathos, to these extraordinary, idiosyncratic tales of distant, galactic climes and bizarre anthropoids with entirely singular sleeping rites Heady, psychedelic, pan cosmic yarns replete with wild, brain freezing concepts that are unearthly, and, yet, paradoxically it all seem to be entirely feasible this, due in no small part to the author s vast, incendiary imagination and total mastery of the form A Touch of Strange is a glorious achievement, and I certainly look forward to re reading many of these magnificent tales over the pending years and I am genuinely thrilled by the prospect of unearthing everything Theodore Sturgeon has written No matter what type of literature you might prefer, Theodore Sturgeon is a must read even if you abhor the giddy realms of sci fi, fantasy, macabre fiction, A touch of Strange is worth your time And I can imagine many, like me, will become wholly beguiled by it all Many of these stories are genuine classics, but the bravura oddness of The Other Celia and She had guts will remain with me for all time To be fair, five stars is a paltry figure for such an effervescing canopy of celestial prose.

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