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丁庄梦 chapter 1 丁庄梦, meaning 丁庄梦, genre 丁庄梦, book cover 丁庄梦, flies 丁庄梦, 丁庄梦 0caeb915c544c Officially Censored Upon Its Chinese Publication, And The Subject Of A Bitter Lawsuit Between Author And Publisher, Dream Of Ding Village Is Chinese Novelist Yan Lianke S Most Important Novel To Date Set In A Poor Village In Henan Province, It Is A Deeply Moving And Beautifully Written Account Of A Blood Selling Ring In Contemporary China Based On A Real Life Blood Selling Scandal In Eastern China, Dream Of Ding Village Is The Result Of Three Years Of Undercover Work By Yan Lianke, Who Worked As An Assistant To A Well Known Beijing Anthropologist In An Effort To Study A Small Village Decimated By HIV AIDS As A Result Of Unregulated Blood Selling Whole Villages Were Wiped Out With No Responsibility Taken Or Reparations Paid Dream Of Ding Village Focuses On One Family, Destroyed When One Son Rises To The Top Of The Party Pile As He Exploits The Situation, While Another Son Is Infected And Dies The Result Is A Passionate And Steely Critique Of The Rate At Which China Is Developing And What Happens To Those Who Get In The Way

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    The bow moved horizontally gently tickling the erhu, the melody of a folk song lingered amongst the chilly air as it fleeted through several blank stares, hopeful hearts and frail bodies The bones shivered in the starry night while the robust voice of Ma Xianglin danced to the tunes of the fiddle the smell of stale blood fading in the stench of a blood merchant As Ma Xianglin sang, the bright red bridal jacket matched wits with Lingling s cheeks as they blushed to Ding Liang s flirty stares As Ma Xianglin sang, Li Sanren saw his fate in the red sesame dots plastered on his arm the grunting of a pig made Zhao Xiuqin quiver at thought of the animal feasting on her last rice bag The anxiousness of finding a cure prevailed in the vindictive heavens, the wrinkles on Grandpa Ding s forehead deepened like the concave shadows of the coffins As Ma Xianglin sang, Ding Village trembled as the blood thickened Faces popping out through serpentine lines, hopeful souls jutting out blood filled veins, feeding the hungry mouth of a needle the scent of money coagulating in the sharp odour of fresh blood, the optimism of a better life floating in the swirls of endless blood streams, the remnants of fate engraved on the discarded cotton balls The cry of a child piercing through the brick walls, as its parents shook their blood tree The people of Ding Village had found a treasure which flowed within their bodies Gazing into a bloody puddle, there I stood watching my own reflection amid the squalor and chaos wondering about my survival in this battle between life and death, only to it being trampled by Ding Hui s greedy grin The puddle was gone, so was my reflection and gone was the blood from the veins the fiddle had stopped playing but Ma Xianglin s melodies lingered through the lanes of the Ding Village and I was still standing on the barren land, whiffs of rusty blood emitting from crying souls Ever since the blood came Ever since the blood ran red Blood is like a natural spring which never runs dry the words of the government official were magical to the impoverished villagers How foolish they were frolicking in their own illiterate ways of ploughing the fields when they had a gold mind resting within them How scheming was the government to target impoverished existence for their egotistical monetary gains What a mess of humanity When stomachs burn with hunger, when a single bag of rice becomes the fetching prize of livelihood and when societal discrepancies value an ounce of life on monetary scales of rich and poor, one can t really blame the need or the immense desire to acquire money Thus, it did not shock me when the villagers were mesmerized by the economical rise of the neighbouring county even as the blood banks proliferated simultaneously Life had become scarier than selling blood The blood boom planted the very first seedling of prosperity in Ding Villages Life had become much pleasing and affluent As the blood ran fervently into various blood banks, new houses saw the light of the day Domestic amenities that once were only a luxuriant illusion were now a reality The farmers of Ding Village bathed in the remunerations of their natural spring Ever since the blood came to Ding Village, the villagers were in high spirits Selling blood had become a commonplace with self nominated blood heads going door to door with their medical equipment buying blood like boisterous salesmen Blood plasma had become a crisp 100 yuan gifting benefactor Blood had replaced the shrine of Guan Yu hailing its power of wealth.As the veins puffed up bursting with blood, so did the insatiability for money As the leaves became red with the ambiance of blood, corruption seeped through the streams of blood and money The birth of blood heads or blood merchants saw the growth of middle men who strived solely for pecuniary revenues and supremacy The blood ran red and with it fetched immorality of human sensibilities embedding the dreaded fever that muted the voices of Ding Village.The dream of Ding Village was a bloodied reverie The fever hid in blood Grandpa hid in dreams The fever loved its blood Grandpa loved its dreams Grandpa Ding s dreams are an important part of the prose as they preserve the quintessence of the narrative Ding Shiuyang knew that the fever ravaging the bodies was the dreaded AIDS Death had become a routine scenario and the yearning for life as muddled as the infected blood that ran through the veins The hope of finding a cure was as feeble as the bodies of the villagers The fever brought with it the bedlam of corruption, greediness, the omnipotent ruthless world of real estate, love, infidelity, treachery, the raging callousness of government officials and ultimately the horror of death The meteoric rise of prosperity was bloodied amid the angry red sesame seeds like dots The fever had wrecked the body s immunity, but the fight for life had to be continued, because until the last breathe one has to go on living and one has to find a concrete reason to live in that period of time, just like Ding Liang had found one in Lingling and Zhao Dequan in Lingling s red jacket To those who find death daunting than life, have not yet met the people of Ding Village In the world of blood selling there were no perfect endings The gluttony of money even prevailed in the fraudulent commerce of coffins To the people of Ding Village, even the respite of death was marred by deception and betrayal Grandpa Ding s school was too a victim of human insensitivity.Yan Lianke s novel braved the initial storm of censorship as it stood tall among the numerous malicious controversies, depicting a fictitious take on the real life blood selling chaos in the Henan province in China in the early 1990s, which claimed lives of several thousand rural folks Due to the booming research in bio technological sector, the government of China commenced on the Plasmapheresis campaign that spread drastically in the interiors of the Chinese rural landscape The popular campaign of plasma economy became a prosperous industry of blood and money trade benefiting both the pharmaceutical companies and the impoverished villagers The financial explosion that ruled for than decade saw the rise of various fraudulent elements middle men indulging in reckless practice of via the application of used needles and unhygienic medical environment The ravenous greed for money and power spun a web of fallacy and corruption that ranged from blood trading for profit, the governmental targeting of the naive illiterate and impoverished villages, the illicit sale of free governmental coffins and other workings of banned activities Yan Lianke, also touches upon the subject of ghost marriages The age old tradition of marriage beyond life was also marred by corrupted functioning of Ding Hui, becoming another money making institution And, analogous to Ding Hui s efforts to escape the criminal indictment by declining to face the veracity of the crime, the Chinese government too has been turning a blind eye to the entire malicious scandal The residue of the tragedy still thrives in the malevolent residue that is trickled through blood with every new birthing generation They died like falling leaves Their light extinguishing, gone from this world In life they inched towards death and in death they crawled towards life In the quest of finding love for their life, the people of Ding Village bled not only from their arms but from their souls too The juicy tomato glistened in the blazing sun waiting to be picked the voice of Ding Qiang ascended beyond the graves resonating into the bloody streaks patterned onto the white funeral scrolls the cold mountainous terrains guarded its once precious jewel because at the end of it all when the smell of life weakens amongst changing seasons, someone needs to recite the tales of the buried Some stories must be told Thank you, Mr Yan Lianke for being the voice for the voiceless The price of blood emptying in stolen coffins and mislaid humanity.

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    At first, this novel seems like an extensive and overwrought parable a local village gets into the business of selling its blood for a quick source of cash, and the village itself begins to die.But the story becomes horrifying once you know that it is real Henan Province in China experimented with a Plasma Economy system in the 1990s, offering villagers money for blood donations But the program is a disaster using dirty cotton balls, mixing multiple blood samples in a centrifuge, and re using needles When the program was rolled up in 1995, over one million people were infected with AIDS in that one province alone, and with some villages having over a 60% infection rate The novel grows grotesque as time passes the elementary school becomes a hospice, and the man who runs the blood selling program then moves into the coffin business after selling the ones the government gave him for free , and then into the business of marrying the deceased so they will not be lonesome in the afterlife The book is also a story about censorship the author toned down any references to the government s wrongdoing or negligence, but that was not enough The book was banned from publication and distribution, and that was almost the end of it It is still easy to find a pirated copy, however Just type the Chinese title into Google.Dream of Ding Village is a book which moves through allegory and imagery, with recurring dreams and unearthly imagery the villagers arms look like slices of fatty pork, for example It is melodramatic too often, but slips away into a somber mood as the characters die off and white funeral scrolls hang in the windows It is the story of a wholly preventable tragedy.

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    Aqu la videorese a libro me ha parecido denso, pero no s si porque lo es o porque yo estaba densa No digo denso en un sentido intr nsecamente malo, sino que me ha costado leerlo, he tenido que espaciar la lectura en el tiempo, porque no pod a leer demasiadas p ginas cada d a.No es un libro de tem tica f cil, de hecho, es muy duro nos narra la situaci n de una aldea china donde la mayor parte de la poblaci n est infectada con el virus VIH por la venta de sangre a gran escala que se produjo en la zona, alentada m s bien obligada por el gobierno, y que resultaba en su d a una muy atractiva fuente de dinero Habla de muerte, de abandono de las autoridades, de corrupci n pol tica, de codicia desmedida, de lo bajo que podemos caer los seres humanos Y tal vez lo que m s me haya costado es precisamente lo bellamente que est contado Es casi l rico Narra momentos horribles con una prosa tan bonita que por un momento casi olvidas lo que est contando Casi Tambi n mezcla lo on rico con lo real, con ese abuelo padre del mayor responsable de la compraventa de sangre en el pueblo que va viendo los estragos de la enfermedad en sus vecinos y sue a con lo que ocurre m s all de la aldea C mo esto al final se une al brutal crecimiento econ mico de China, que al final va dejando sus propias v ctimas.No es un libro para leer en cualquier momento, como he dicho es muy duro, pero Yan Lianke expresa el horror de forma po tica y es al final una denuncia necesaria de unos hechos que siguen siendo ocultados en China Es un libro que duele, pero a veces eso es necesario.

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    Part of my Fall 2017 Best Of Chinese Literature project here, and a cool list of books here.Here s a crazy story in the 1990s, rural Chinese peasants got into selling their blood It was like a fad, encouraged by the government Whole villages got into it It was really lucrative People bought houses with blood money You can probably guess what happened next, right Everyone died of AIDS.Yan Lianke turns this into an allegory, which you can see why that was tempting This is big business and the government, profiting by poisoning the blood of the deceived masses It s basically allegorical already He doesn t make the story quite as engaging as you think it ll be There s a lot going on here one guy is selling arranged marriages between dead people so they have company in the afterlife, while another tries to have one last conjugal fling with his wife in order to infect her so she can t remarry when he s gone Two of the infected find each other in a grotesque and moving love story All this should be 100% gripping, right It s only 80% gripping I don t know why Lianke chooses to have a dead kid narrate the whole thing.But still that s a crazy story, right The things people will do to each other in this world Even a slightly too arty job with it will be very good, and that s what this is It s totally worth a read.

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    Regulation 5 Jia Genzhu and Ding Yuejin will be in charge of distributing coffins donated by the government, whenever we get them Anyone who doesn t follow orders will not receive a coffin, plus we will tell the whole village to go fuck that person s ancestors and curse their descendants An incredible novel and one of the most horrifying things yes, I include actual horror novels in that statement I ve read in a long time.Based on some actual, cretinous shit that happened in China, the story of Yan s titular village is the story of how most of its citizens got AIDS when selling blood a few years before to make a buck The novel is about them getting sick, dying and wiling way the hours, bickering, putting on concerts, and, yes, even falling in love The narrator is a 12 year old boy who is now dead by poisoned tomato, for his father was the ringleader of the blood buying fiasco and the one who gave everyone AIDS by re using needles.Not a cheery tale, needless to say However, it is beautifully wrought and the main character, the narrator s grandfather and father of the shitass bloodhead, guides us through the wasteland of this insanity waking and sleeping his are the dreams of the title with a kind of stolid, head shaking determination to keep things as less shitty as he can.Outstanding Just ignore all the stupid jacket blurbs about this being a cautionary tale for a China spinning out of control through its own progress America has it fair share of atrocities.

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    yan lianke ti fa sprofondare nel dolore e nella degradazione e nello stesso tempo ti parla d a in maniera struggente ti fa conoscere personaggi cinici e senza scrupoli e altri capaci di autentica compassione ti descrive nature e paesaggi martoriati e anime altrettanto tormentate il tutto senza manco un pippardone, un flusso di coscienza, una struttura intorcinata che meraviglia.

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    Gennaio 2015 Il sogno cinese Il romanzo prende spunto dalla massiccia campagna per la raccolta di sangue svoltasi in Cina negli 80 che ebbe come conseguenza un intensa diffusione di Aids nei pi sperduti villaggi dell Henan.La voce narrante quella di un morto un bambino avvelenato per vendetta contro il padre colpevole di aver comprato e venduto sangue La sua la famiglia Ding che verr maledetta per aver portato la morte Il sogno del villaggio dei Ding altro non che la versione asiatica del mitico sogno americano Anche in una societ che ha fatto del collettivismo il suo baluardo si sogna di abbandonare la capanna per una casa con un tetto vero Il mito della ricchezza dell accumulo di beni solidi e liquidi veramente in Cina molto sentito Non molto tempo fa ho letto una notizia curiosa quanto esemplare in questo senso un uomo passa 48 ore chiuso in un Internet Point a cercare il modo per avviare un impresa e diventare ricco Lo stress lo fa svenire e va in coma Rimane in coma per ben due anni durante i quali la famiglia ed il personale medico cercano di stimolare in tutti i modi il risveglio Ci riescono alla fine facendogli odorare delle banconote A quanto pare era l unico motivo che poteva fargli tornare la voglia di vivere Questo aspetto nel romanzo di Yan Lianke molto presente ma non si avrebbe un idea pi completa della Cina se non si presentassero anche le contraddizioni in cui immersa Accanto alla spudorata ricerca di soldi sopravvivono tradizioni arcaiche che stridono con questo anelito alla modernit una fra queste e che troviamo anche nel romanzo rappresentata dai i cosiddetti matrimoni fantasma Si organizzano veri e propri matrimoni tra defunti morti giovani e non sposati L idea che rimangano soli per l eternit per molti cinesi intollerabile e cos ci si affida ad una rete di organizzatori pagando prezzi salatissimi Il sogno del villaggio dei Ding racchiude, infine, anche una tragica storia d a che cerca di sopravvivere in mezzo a tanto egoismo.

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    i cinesi che danno anche il sangue per il loro governo, che in cambio gli regala una baranegli anni novanta in Cina il governo incoraggi la vendita di sangue tra i contadini, come fonte accessoria di reddito,il tutto avvenne senza controlli igienici e l AIDS si diffuse in tutta una regione con un numero incalcolabile di vittimeil libro parla della storia del Villaggio dei Ding, e della fine dei loro sognida questo libro stato tratto un film che stato presentato alla Festa del cinema di Roma e di cui si trova la mia rece quihttp www.cinemalia.it drammatico lotriste e poetico, un libro che chiarisce bene la natura della vita nelle campagne cinesie sembrerebbe che le cose non siano migliorate granch da quegli anni

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    3.5Pi kny j zyk, bardzo dobre t umaczenie i temat te fascynuj cy ale momentami mi si ju mocno d u y a.

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    Spicuiri din recenzia finala care se gaseste pe blogul meu Nu mi aduc aminte s fi citit vreo carte la fel de sf ietoare precum aceasta C nd am nchis romanul, am avut impresia c mi au r mas buc i ntregi de carne lipite ntre filele sale Lianke spune la sf r itul romanului c dup ce a terminat de scris cartea a izbucnit n lacrimi i nu a mai ie it din cas vreme ndelungat , at t de mult l a consumat povestea pe care a ales s o scrie.Nebunia s ngelui pune st p nire pe satul Ding, iar Ding Hui care a v zut oportunitatea de a se mbog i este principalul dirijor al apocalipsei care urmeaz s se desf oare peste comunitate Ding Hui nu ascult de nimeni i de nimic Roadele cinismului s u sunt banii i influen a cresc nd n aparatul birocratic, influen care nu face altceva dec t s afunde i mai mult comunitatea ntr o mocirl n care moralitatea nu mai exist SIDA ncepe s fac ravagii printre s teni n urma ustensilelor nesterilizate i utilizate pentru mai mul i s teni Oamenii ncep s realizeze c Ding Hui este responsabilul pentru mor ile cauzate de epidemie, b tr nul Ding ncearc s l conving s i cear scuze comunit ii, ns pe Ding Hui nu l convinge nici m car asasinarea propriului fiu s i recunoasc vina coala care este n grija b tr nului Ding ajunge s fie disputat ntre s teni, b tr nul Ding pierz ndu i din autoritate n primul r nd datorit meschin riei fiului s u n momentul n care oamenii ncep s moar pe capete, fiul b tr nului Ding face bi ni cu sicrie, v nz ndu le cui vrea i la un pre foarte ridicat Punctul culminant al dec derii lui Ding Hui este c s torirea fiului asasinat, naratorul pove tii, cu o t n r cu probleme a unui individ foarte bogat n toat nebunia cauzat de Ding Hui, b tr nul Ding viseaz Arhitectul viselor sale pare a fi tocmai nepotul asasinat, cu impresia asta am r mas de mai multe ori, pu tiul fiind, a a cum am pomenit, naratorul nt mpl rilor De i avertizat, b tr nul Ding nu mai poate controla distrugerile la care este supus c tunul, autoritatea sa a disp rut, oamenii sunt dispera i, singurul care controleaz totul este Ding Hui care continu s calce pe cadavrea i s se mbog easc de pe urma mor ilor i a suferin elor semenilor s i

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