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Sateur Brand: Are They Worth the Hype?

 Sateur Brand: Are They Worth the Hype?

With the level of buzz and sophistication of the jewelry industry, it’s likely that you have seen or heard about the Sateur brand.

Social media being what it is today, you might have come across the brand on Facebook or Instagram. Or perhaps, you already showed interest or bought a Sateur. Such is the level of awareness that the Sateur brand has been creating since their recent entry into the market place.

From all indications, these guys have come to stay and a little research about their operations has shown they’re disrupters. Industry disrupters, you could call them.

In what sense, you may ask.

Sateur was founded as a jewelry brand that will level the high playing ground set by the diamond industry. Their strategy lies in letting modern society know that perhaps diamond isn’t as rare or unique as presented. You could call it pulling the wool of people’s eyes to give them more options to pick from.

And how has this been working for them?

Well, for sure, the buzz has been great from all indications. Sateur jewelry currently has a lot of happy customers, if we are to go by the feedback seen on their website and social media pages.

Another question is, are they really worth the hype in the long run?

Well, I guess we will be finding out in a few years time.

Some Back Story about Sateur

The Founder – Felix Francois

Sateur was founded in 1989 by Felix Francois after it dawned on him that proposing to his fiancée, Michelle d’Aratmiz with a diamond ring was beyond his reach.  

After numerous attempts to create a high quality gemstone that had same brilliance as diamond without costing as much, Sateur Stone was born in the laboratory using rare ingredients through an innovative, new tech process.

Sateur was born out of defiance for the jewelry industry. Felix decided that the world needed something different and of course, he dared to be different.

A Plan to Dominate the Jewelry Market

Interestingly, Sateur aims to change people’s perception of high quality jewelry through their brand. To begin with, the name Sateur is said to mean – ENLIGHTENMENT.

So, in essence, Sateur hopes to ‘awaken a movement of enlightened minds’ that have realized the ruse about diamond will be the next generation of sparkling jewelry owners.

Sateur claims to have a vision of a future where women from any part of the world and any economic class can own the jewelry they like regardless of cost.

From all we can see, they’re working really hard to make this happen.

Sateur is simple, but as fashionable as any diamond that anyone will wish for. Apparently, a lot of work has been put into the project to make it so.

Interesting Details about Sateur

Though having a delicate design, Sateur stone (the main piece about this brand) is quite brilliant in terms of sparkle. Claims say it uses a 4C scaling system to check for clarity, color, shape, and cut.

And thanks to a price costing just 1% that of equivalent diamonds plus over 70K customers, and you have a winner in this brand. Perhaps, it’s really worth the hype?

Progress and Achievement of Goals

Considering how strong certain institutions can be, in this case the diamond industry, we can agree without bias that Sateur is actually doing well.

Over 100,000 customers worldwide is quite a feat. But then, there’s a whole lot of work to be done if dethroning diamond is going to be possible.

Dominating Facebook and Instagram, Sateur has experienced unprecedented growth in brand awareness, sensitization and of course, sales.

The revolutionary jewelry company can do a lot more if this pace is maintained, to be honest. It will be interesting to see the outcome in a few years to come.

Is Sateur as Good as or Better than Diamond?

A common question asked by many first timers when they hear about or see a Sateur product. Personally, I’d say it’s a thing of choice.

One is said to be rare, original and expensive to process the final product which also makes it costly to buy.

The other is as brilliant, original though man-made, not as common but way more affordable.

So which would you go for?

The inscription on a Sateur literally says – Not Diamond, a slashed through Diamant.

Stunning beauty that costs far less than any diamond – I would say Sateur has a good argument in favor of their brand.

Quality of Sateur

As far as we can tell, this amazing disrupter of a brand has customers who are raving about their products.

They must be doing something right apparently.

Customer reviews and feedback are huge indicators when it comes to vetting the quality of a product. Therefore, we believe that over 100,000 customers can not be wrong.

Sateur customers who bought their jewelry products some years back are probably still enjoying its quality and brilliance.

With sustained awareness, they just might enlighten a larger percentage of the world’s population.

At just three decades of jewelry creation, Sateur has gained a lot of popularity in the jewelry industry. Social media dominance has been an important driver in making this happen.

Tons of potential customers, especially young women are on Instagram daily. With paid ads, Sateur is able to put their beautiful jewelry in the faces of these prospects every day.

I believe modern technology has helped Sateur a lot in this regard. On their own accord, they have customers taking shots of themselves wearing Sateur jewelry and posting on their feed.

Direct but effective personal brand advertising if you’d call it that.

Sateur looks as classy as any top jewelry brand in the world

Love it or hate it, Sateur has done a good job of branding their products superbly. The product photos are shot to exquisite perfection.

Whether viewed live or in photos, the level of detail put into this brand is clear to see.

Shoppers get to own a high-end jewelry that is as good as if not better than diamond. If you’re looking at something different from the norm, you might just give Sateur a shot to see for yourself.

Consider Sateur to be an ideal brand for young populations with their instinctive desire of wanting to stand out from the status quo. This isn’t to say that the older generation will not take a fancy to the sleek designs and sparkling look of Sateur.

However, the truth remains that a good number of people, including the new and old generation of people still prefer regular diamond to any other type of jewelry.

Pricing as a Major Advantage

While owning jewelry like diamond will set you back by several thousands of dollars, such is not the case with Sateur. A few hundred bucks spent and you could be well on your way to owning one of the trendiest pieces in the world today.

Some jewelry enthusiasts prefer expensive brands and wouldn’t go for a Sateur. If you’re in this group, it’s actually understandable as price has always connoted quality.

But then, if you prefer not to spend thousands on jewelry without compromising on quality, a Sateur is a good deal. Not everyone is looking to buy a sparkling stone piece that costs the same as a sizable home property, you know.

Vision for the Future

Sateur has made it clear from their vision statements that they have plans for the future. It will interest you to know what these visions are.

Just maybe, these visions can increase buyer confidence and increased sales.

This vision spans a rapid expansion of operations to every corner of the globe with a special focus on getting Sateur onto the fingers of as many women as possible. Sincerely, it will be interesting to see how far the brand will have to go to sustain this objective.

To achieve this, reports have it that 5 premium flagship stores would be set up in Canada, UK, USA, Paris and London by 2022.

More or less, a year to go to see what Sateur can do.

As inspiring as the Sateur has come to be, there’s still a lot of work to be done in terms of publicity. From all indications, changing the world’s mindset from diamond is going to take consistent effort from the Sateur brand.

Similar brilliance as diamond, clever advertising, affordable pricing and a long-lasting quality are some of Sateur jewelry’s strong benefits.

Is it worth the hype?

Your answer depends on what you’re looking for in jewelry. If you love them expensive just for the sake of it, Sateur may not be your ideal. Same thing, if you’re more conservative than open-minded to other options.

A Sateur may not have the same history as diamond, but it can be argued that it’s out there in the league of stunning minimalist jewelry that doesn’t cost a fortune.

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